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  • OT - Travel Coffee Cup...

    Okay, this is way off topic but nonetheless important!

    I was wondering if a travel coffee cup is made that will plug into the vehicle's lighter and keep the beverage hot! It's been darn cold here (and I'm getting old) and I want my coffee hot!

    Any suggestions or brands that work well?


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    Yeah there is, got one for Christmas a couple years ago.
    never used it so can't tell you how good they work. I lose the things too often, set them down at the jobsite, put em on the bumper when I'm loading up for the night etc.



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      Yup, got one for christmas a couple years ago, works great. However, as is typical of the chinee imports, no markings.

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      Oregon, USA


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        !2 Volt Accessories

        Try looking at RV / Camper and boating places ...They usually will have all that stuff .



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          Google "travel coffee cup 12 volt".

          Heck, there's even one that's USB compatible.

          Any products mentioned in my posts have been endorsed by their manufacturer.


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            try looking in any truckstop in your area.

            If you like to eat your lunch hot, they also sell 12V microwaves for truckdrivers.
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              Or, you can just get a vacuum flask type cup, that uses no energy. I have one that I was given, came from Eddie Bauer.

              It keeps coffee hot for hours, and as an added benefit, appears to be spill-proof. I have had mine tumble to the floor, bouncing off seats etc, and never a drop spilled.

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                I think Horror Freight has a 12V coffee mug; if not them, then Northern Hydraulic or JC Whitney. Or just get a good, vacuum-insulated stainless mug - I have one from Nissin that will keep coffee TOO hot for three hours.
                Pete in NJ


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                  up here both Walmart and Canadian tire have them in hte auto section... they usually sell for around $20


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                    Originally posted by J Tiers
                    ...appears to be spill-proof. I have had mine tumble to the floor, bouncing off seats etc, and never a drop spilled....
                    Wow...that is great! I think if ever there was a coffee shortage, all I would have to do is put my passenger seat in a tub and leach out a years supply. Of couse there may be other beverages in there but...

                    Thanks guys for the help!



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                      I'm with you on that, spilled coffe is all over my truck.

                      Ford thoughtfully designed a real nice cupholder, only one I've found that's easy to reach, no leaning forward or stretching like a lot of them I've seen, big enough to hold almost every cup I've got, very nice.
                      Too bad they put it right close to the shifter so anything bigger than a pop can gets knocked out of it when shifting into 2nd,4th, and reverse.

                      They did put a convenient paper/pen/junk pocket right behind it so most of the coffee is caught there for future consumption.

                      Wait till you work real late one night, run up to the store and grab some coffee in the biggest styrofoam cup they have, go back to the jobsite, then put your coffee where you won't lose it
                      So you load up all your tools, lock up the site, jump back in the truck, then get half a block down the road and try to find your coffee.

                      While your looking around for the coffee you have a stop sign jump out in front of you so you lhave to ock up the brakes to avoid running it.

                      then, suddenly and painfully you're reminded that you put your coffe cup on the top rack right behind the driver seat.



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                        A very quick Google search turned up this 12 volt coffee cup with a cigarette and a usb adapter.
                        There are others too on different sites for sale.