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  • Pinging Evan-Swiss mill


    I know you probably don't follow the PM forum closely but this THREAD includes a link to MIKRON MILL INFO. While not exactly like your mill, it sure could be the next generation.

    Jon Bohlander
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    Very interesting. One item in particular is especially interesting. The method of attaching the movable and removable horizontal spindle assembly is exactly the same as mine. That in itself wouldn't be so important if it were not for the fact the method of attachement is fairly unusual. It doesn't use dovetails but instead had a tee slot between two oblique edge tracks. The tee slot accomodates a sliding tee nut that is cammed tight by the two levers on the side of the headstock, exactly the same as mine. This draws the headstock tight against the track which provides exact and unvarying location of the headstock in all but the Y axis, which doesn't matter.

    It's also the same system used on the bed of the Shaublin lathe on the left in the photo.

    I'm going to contact Mr. Samways and see if he has any ideas. Thanks for the info.
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      a ltahe that looks very similar to the mikron is on ebay right now, not exact, but same style bedways etc.

      SMALL SWING METAL CUTTING LATHE item no: 260206001376

      no interest in it, just looked familiar for some reason.