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  • Dial Caliper Repair

    Looking for some help with my Mitutoyo 6" dial caliper, model #505-637. I want to replace the crystal, it's badly yellowed and scratched/cracked. My neighbor has a watch repair business and will replace the crystal for free, but I don't see how to get the bezel/crystal off so he can mount a new crystal in the bezel. Does someone out there know how to get the bezel off? I have looked under 10 power for some kind of catch or tab to "unhook" it but can't find anything to pop it off. I have seen that Long Island Indicator Service will fix it, but that would cost. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    No experience with Mitutoyo, but my B&S (Tesa) dial caliper has a crystal bezel that is a press, friction fit. I carefully lever it up from both sides.

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      They pop right off when they hit the concrete just right anyways they just pry off if I remember right, I'll take a look at my junk pair and try it.


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        Most Mits are press on.


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          Your neighbor will know how to do it.


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            I watched a local guy replace a couple crystals for me. He had some kind of a collet-like device that squeezed around the exposed rim of the crystal. Apparently, this squeezing further domed the crystal allowing it to pop out.

            Reverse the procedure to replace.

            The guy I used was in a wheelchair and suffered from some kind of worsening malady. He had a very noticeable shake of his hands which he controlled by holding his arms in close to his body. Given his condition it was surprising he could do the repairs. Unfortunately he passed away a few years back.

            He charged 8 bucks the last crystal he replaced. Now I check with the other repair guys around town and find the prices so high it's a toss up whether the instrument is worth the cost.


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              looks like the whole dial assembly is kinda spring loaded, when I try to lightly pry up on the bezel, the whole body wants to come up. I hadn't thought about the crystal just coming out of the bezel, and the bezel stays on the dial. thanks for looking into your old one.


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                Try this link noted in a previous thread about D.T.I. repair.

                If it answers your question, fax $20.00 to Bob Warfield.

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                  A customer walked in and then I totally spaced it before coming home, but I am positive like the others have said also, that it just pops out.


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                    I sent Long Island an email requesting how to do this, will post what they say when I get it, probably tomorrow sometime. I'm just nervous about just trying to "pop" it off. The caliper works great, don't want to break it.


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                      Received the following from Long Island Indicator today. Thanks to all for your help also. I will try to pry it off without breaking it.


                      The bezel needs to be pried off. A flat blade screw driver should do the trick.

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                      Long Island Indicator Service
                      14 Sarah Dr
                      Hauppauge NY 11788
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