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  • photo phenomenon (o.t.)

    Im sure many of the photo guru's have a name for this,

    But I was amazed when this took place, I imediatly drew a conclusion but was not prepared for it as i guess i never thought about it happening ------- I was looking at pics we took yesterday, using my camera to TV cord to view --- I turned on the picture mode to show my girl friend how I could snap a pic while it was on the tv mode, started searching across the room to take a pic and the camera went across the TV screen -- this is what i seen.

    So -- what i believe happened is that all those little lights you see are battery level/flash and others that i have on the screen display, they were on the tv and then my camera viewed them and sent them back and then viewed them and sent them back and on and on to infinity..... crazy i tell ya

    how I got the image is a actually took a picture of it, i made sure the flash was off first as I didnt want to send my camera into a parallel universe --- what would have happend if i had the flash on?
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    kinda like standing between two mirrors and seeing the reflectons go on forever


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      I hate to say this Boomer, but maybe you are EVIL!!!

      That really is YOU isn't it Boomer?

      I'm boarding up the screen of my monitor so you can't get out here. Whoever you are......



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        Ill tell you what this reminds me of, there was this artist up in Westcliffe colo. He painted this massive mural on the side of this pub called trevers (now its a pizza joint) The mural was of the sangre de cristo (blood of christ) mountains and the town of westcliffe, also within the mural was the buildings and trevers, within the picture of trevers was the mural, within the mural was the sangre's and the town of westcliffe within the town of westcliffe was trevers, yup you got it trevers had a mural, it got so small that it was hard to tell --- it went three or four times, very cool.


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          Until your post I thought I knew my compact digital camera. But I'd never read the section in the manual which talks about feeding the camera screen signal to a TV. I don't actually have a TV, as such, just a tuner for my Mac Mini so I can watch TV on the monitor.

          I just now read that page, and it confirms what you say: the TV can be used as the display in both playback and shooting mode. I wonder what other strange effects can be produced?
          Allan Ostling

          Phoenix, Arizona


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            If you think that is neat, try zooming and moving while shooting the TV screen. No end to great effects.
            Paul A.
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              did you ever watch Space Balls? there is a scene like that where Rick Moranis is watching the movie on a TV and they get to the point in the movie where they are watching the movie.

              andy b.
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