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    I thought some of you may be interested in how I did this job last week,no photo's sorry.
    I have a hydraulic post driver that we use to drive wooden posts into the ground for rural fences, vineyard post etc. The rod in the cylinder that lifts the weight up is just over 8ft long and 1.125 Dia it has a 12 TPI thread on one end at that dia and a 12 TPI thread on the other end at 1" dia. My lathe has a 17 inch swing by 40 inches between centres and I don't have a fixed steady for it.
    This is how I did the job with no problems at all in 4140 chrome rod, first I turned up a bush for the rear end of the spindle that was a neat sliding fit on the new rod and just a slight push fit in the spindle, then I put the new rod through this and through the 4 jaw chuck, I used aluminium packing on the jaws and set it up true. Next I had a look through my old bearing box and found an old bearing that fitted the shaft and slipped it on the end ! What for you may ask? Well my Bridgeport is to the left of the lathe and a quick adjustment with a pinchbar got it into the right position for finer adjustment via the handwheels and all I did was lightly grip the bearing in the vice, check with an indicator and do the job with six inches sticking out of the chuck. Just reading through this and I realised that I didn't say why I had to do this job in the first place, the last one broke off at the end of the larger Dia thread, and the new owners of the company don't supply a rod as a spare part.


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    Australians have traditionly shown great ingenuity,it appears this tradition is still alive.


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      Good one mate, now better get the crowbar and turn my mill around so I can use the same trick.