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refacing a spindle nose

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  • refacing a spindle nose

    I have junk lathe, it was dropped on delivery, (smashed the bejezzus out of it) anyway, I wanted to take the D1-4 nose off the end of the spindle and thread the back side for fitting to my Ellis Dividing head. This has been done.

    My probelm is there is more runout than I would like in the nose. The lathe had an 8" 4jaw installed on arrival and it landed on the chuck and tweaked the spindle face. The steel around the pin holes was pulled up a little and the when I measure the run out onthe taper it will maintain the same reading on the indicator for 2/3 rotation then it suddenly drops .015" and stays there, then come back to zero. So its more like a dent than true run out.

    Here's my question, has anybody refaced a D1-4 spindle nose? It'll cut with carbide tools no problem, the issue is where exactly is dimension "B" coming from? The theoretical sharp corner? Or some height above the spindle face that isn't shown?
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    Sharp corner

    The dimension is to the "sharp corner" of the intersecting lines.