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    I am looking at a bridgeport boss 9. Controle is dead, I plan on using my pc and mach 1. The question, I think I may be able to fix the boss 9 for not too much money. I also need a manual. Should I try the fix or just go to the PC with mach 1?

    Boss 9 has the crt and servos.

    also if you opt for the retro what servo driver would you recomend?

    Thanks Bob

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    If it was my machine I'd fix the existing control.

    I have yet to see any of the hobbyist retrofits that'll come anywhere near a factory control in features and performance.


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      I've recieved opinions on the Boss 5 control system from a half a dosen people and the consensus is that it is best to retrofit. I haven't recieved my mill yet and I haven't seen the schematics. I'd like to hack the control board and use the controls and switches and get the best that each have to offer. It seems that the stepper drive resolution or accuracy can probably be doubled by a retrofit, so I don't understand what you mean by there being a problem in retrofits but maybe the problem is limited to the servo conversions. Maybe some of the retrofit products out there aren't so good. I still don't know why the original controls were so unpopular but I'll know pretty soon. I'd like to hear from someone who can tell me the real poop on the different Boss controls especially the Boss 5 from probably the early 80's. I don't want to change the original subject but if you get around to it....
      Thanks in advance,

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        No clue what I would do if I had it to do over.

        I definitely like the pc, autocad, auto Dxf to Gcode, on screen pre-running of Gcode with graphical interface, Joystick operation, Jpg import, some of the 3d design and conversion utilities. (not bought yet but shopping) and of course all the VB6 stuff I have wrote.

        BUT.. evidently I am still in the experimental stage, I'll let you know in a week or two.
        The Boss system is tried and true. If you can power it at home somehow. Them 3 phase control transformers kicked my butt. Operation on single phase was not possible any way I tried wiring them. the pass transistors (Gk53?) are the only thing I know of that gives trouble on a textron boss system.

        My system has functioned long enough for Full payback of investment. I am just mad I didn't get more mileage out of it before a overhaul.
        I don't like the smell of smoke and frying geckos. The large nema 42 motors kick butt. A smaller faster and geared motor might make more sense, but if you got it, run it.

        The boss 9 is servo? them are more smooth than any stepper ever hoped to be. Trade you some geckos and steppers?


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          Stick with the servos if you can. If you have to upgrade stick with the servos - if you can.