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Home made deburring tool

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  • Home made deburring tool

    I saw this tool for deburring holes in a post by "Oldmechthings" (Birk) over on the Home Model Engine Machinist forum and just had to have one. He is an absolute storehouse of machining experience and is the most prolific builder I've ever seen.

    The wooden handle is a Nicholson file handle I picked up at a yardsale for 25ยข. I drilled it out and bushed it to reduce friction with 5/16" ID hard brass tubing from the hobby shop and the collar is a drilled out 1/4" model airplane wheel collar. The shaft is 5/16" hardware store rod and the other parts were quick work on the lathe from scraps. 1/4" rod would've been better but I didn't have any.

    It looks like one of those joke tools you see occasionally on the web but the wobbly motion at the handle translates into a smooth rotation of the cutter in the work. The beauty of it is you never have to charge it up like a cordless drill and it works great one handed, unlike the egg-beater style hand drill I've been using to deburr holes.


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    Very nice project!

    It's great to have a deburring tool chucked up at all times. I use a little hand drill for my small Keo single flute:

    My real favorite is the larger Keo which I keep set up in an air drill. Since I always have air in the shop, its handy and fast.

    Those Keo zero flutes do a real nice deburr job. On sale at Enco from time to time.


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