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  • Floor mats

    Good rubber floor mats are expensive. A friend of mine races dirt track sprint cars. The tires are pretty soft to be able to grab the dirt track, and they don't last forever. I found out that the tread has no steel in it, to give it the soft feel they need. My buddy gave me a couple of used-up tires, about 28" tall uninflated, with the flat tread area about 16" wide...stretched out flat, the tread section is about 88" long. The tread does trap shavings & "stuff", but these mats are light enough to easily be turned over for cleaning. I've got half of one in front of a workbench, with the rest of it split between my drill press and bullet casting bench in the garage. Another tire lives in front of my lathe. Since I've been using them, the back and foot strain has dropped like a rock! And the best thing, these were free! If your community has a sprint car track nearby, ask around, you may get lucky.

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    Quite a novel idea David.

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      racing mats

      Great idea david. Another advantage to these, if you make lots of hot chips, they will stick to the racing compound rubber in the mats, rather than to the bottom of your shoes.


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        Excellent idea! Plus you'll be doing the sprint car guys a favor, by giving them a legal way to get rid of dead tires! Unless you work at a tire store, disposing of the old tires is usually a problem. Every racer I know has piles of old tires sitting around, cause they haven't figured out what to do with them. I must have 25 - 30 old midget tires out in the shed right now.


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          that's an old idea. In the 60's we used to wear flip flops made down in Ol Mexico from tires with the tread still on them. I had a pair of General Dual 90's, a very prestigious tire at the time. Hell, Jimmy Buffet even wrote a song about'em. Said he "blew out a flipflop, stepped on a pop top" LOL

          I bought a rubber matting from Home Depot that interlocks, while it works okay, it plays hell with my stools and I find I get more back help from sitting.
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            Speaking of mats

            Not to take away from this great idea. I had some left over horse trailer mat that I had cut up for another prodject. I believe it is made from old tires compressed into a mat. Very heavy duty...


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                Originally posted by Evan

                You need more fiber in your diet.
                Eat the damn tyre

                I use lengths of conveyor belting that's thown away by the local sand and gravel works for the floor and lengths of packaging conveyor belting on the bench.

                Don't need much with my floor, a 12" x 12" piece goes a long way

                Can be a bitch to clean at time with all the small squaares but handy for catching screws etc.

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