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  • Chi-Com Depth Mic Set

    I've had a "Whu Phlung Dungh" 6" depth mic set for several years. Although it gets seldom use, its come in handy on occasion. Included in the set are 5 extensions for the removable rod, and 3 tubes (1", 3", and 5"). I've never been able to figure out what these tubes are to be used for. There's no mention of these tubes in the predictably inadequate instructions, and I can't find any reference for them in any of the machinist textbooks I seem to have collected over the years.

    The ends of each tube are grooved, apparently to mate flush on some part of the mic. However, I can find no area on the mic that matches the grooves, nor can I find any cylindrical part that matches the inside diameter of the tubes.

    I always thought that sooner or later it would dawn on me what these tubes are for, but after the 7-8 years I've had this set, I admit to standing here with my shoulders shrugged and a question mark hanging over my head. Wazzup with these?

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    Sounds like they would be calibrating standards, Do the extensions fit through the cylinders? If so the tubes could be used to verify the threaded nut on the end of the extensions are in the correct position. Makes sense to me cause then you would only need the odd numbered sizes as you have, because the 3" tube could calibrate for the 2-3" extension and the 3"-4" extension, and so on....

    I may be way off-base but its worth a shot



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      Well...........I guess they could be. That's a better explanation than anything I've come up with. But something still seems missing here.............dunno. Thanx.