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  • ? about Shizuoka AN-S

    I'm in the process of building up a shop, and found two of these mills listed in the paper (cheap!). After looking at them I have a few questions that google really hasn't helped with. It looks like the machines themselfs are in fairly tough shape- they've been stored outside w/ miminal cover for at least a year, one is decapitated, although the seller does have the head and spindle stored inside. It looks like they've been well used, but no real signs of abuse. I wasn't able to move the table or knee (they were literally frozen- it wasn't a nice day to be looking at machines outside), but most of the rust seemed to be cosmetic, there wasn't a lot of pitting on any of the ways. These mills have ball screws, and seem to have brackets for fitting power feeds to all of the axis. Would it be worth some time to get one fixed up and returned to service, or should I take a pass on this one??

    I've been lurking for a couple of months and have really enjoyed reading this board and have been learning something new just about every day. As a side note, I work in a CNC machine shop, this stuff is mostly for my own entertainment.