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  • PDF Printing???

    I down loaded a PDF manual for my Saw Master power hack saw. When I try to print it out the size is about 2 inch's wide and 4 inch's high.

    Is there away to get it to print a full page, I've looked but I can't find any way to change the printing size. Am I missing something??


    Thanks for any help you can give!!

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    Maybe it depends which version of Adobe Reader you have, I have v7.

    Try File, print, page scaling, select 'reduce to printer margins'.


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      depending on version there should be check mark asking if you want to scale or not.


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        Using Adobe Reader is a lot like trying to run a race with concrete boots on your feet.

        Use Foxit Reader instead. You have no idea how bad Adobe is until you use Foxit.
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          Too right,
          Since Foxit was recomended on here I have installed it on all my computers and removed Acrobat all together.

          I have a couple of programs that want to install Acrobat for the help files but I don't allow it.

          Machine has run far faster since Acrobat has been removed.


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            After we had an issue or two with Adobe Reader having a vulnerability that went unpatched for a while, one of our guys here (I work in an IT department) got on a tie-raid about it. He found that its memory footprint was larger than even a word processor like MS Word. Pretty bad for something that will not even allow you to edit.

            Additionally, we found that it seemed to keep some memory occupied after quitting. We don't know if that was what is known as a "memory leak" or the fact that by design, it leaves some stuff resident in memory so that subsequent launches are faster. Either way, compared to the many alternatives, its bloatware. I think this is one case where the original is not the best.

            Edit-- one other behavior we saw was a situation in which the automatic (supposedly background) downloads of updates to Adobe Reader would render the computer almost unusable.

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              Foxit Software

              After reading what John and Evan had to say about Foxit Software I would like to try it for myself. Would someone be kind enough to tell this new to computer guy what I have to download exactly to be able to use Foxit. I see there are 4 diff. downloads for the 2.2 version. do i have to download all of them to be able to use it? Thanks for any help.


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                This is all you need to download


                No expert here, but here is my take on the 4 options:

                above is just plain Jane program
                The one ending in Zip is a zipped file and needs a Unzip program to open (or might be self extracting but is a little bigger download).
                The one ending in.msi has a Microsoft installer but is not needed, the plain jane works.
                The other has a tool bar option..little bigger download..
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                  Just downloaded and tried it.Goodbye Adobe.Thanks for the info guys.


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                    Thanks Bguns, could you explain to me what the other downloads are for and how to do I determine which one is the right download, other than bothering someone to get the right answer. I am on dial-up so shortcuts are a necessity.
                    Thanks again,


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                      Product Guideline: Need to view, print, and annotate PDFs? Foxit Reader (Pro Pack)
                      Need to design fillable PDF Forms? Foxit Form Designer (included in Foxit Reader 2.2)
                      Need to create a PDF from a printable document? Foxit PDF Creator
                      Need to edit actual page contents of the PDF? Foxit PDF Editor
                      Need to index and search text on searchable PDF files? Foxit PDF IFilter
                      Need to split, merge PDF files and reorganize pages in your PDF documents? Foxit PDF Page Organizer
                      Need to have an embedded PDF viewer in your own applications? Foxit Reader SDK (DLL), Foxit Reader SDK (ActiveX) or Foxit Embedded PDF SDK
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                        Thanks for all the advise, I'll check out the other program.


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                          One of the things I really like about Foxit is how it deals with PDFs that are "save disabled". It informs you that you are not allowed to save the document and the best it can do is to save a copy instead.

                          Also, the image capture function is handy workaround for those files that don't permit copy and paste.
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                            I down loaded the Foxit and installed it, iIt is a lot better than Adobe I like it a lot better.

                            So I want to think you for al the help and posting the link...



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                              I just wanted to say thanks for the tip on using foxit.

                              If you haven't tried it and are still using adobe I strongly suggest giving foxit a try. It's a much better program.