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  • Bicycle seat clamps...

    ...are cheap and really handy:

    That's the clamping system for the table on my 12" disc sander project.

    More info here:

    The clamps were like $3 off ebay. That's the table for the sander they're resting on. I set the guide slot up to match the HF tool grinder so I can exchange the tooling.


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    I have three of the same clamps still in the bag! I thought they'd come in handy someday.
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      Nice job on that project Bob, you are way more energetic than I am. I can't even seem to get the projects done, and I almost never take pictures, much less put together a web page with all that good stuff...

      Your table looks a lot like my 7" Baldor Grinder tool support table upgrade "thing". Like yours, it has a notch (to fit my wheels) and tilts down 45* while maintaining safe clearance to the surface. It's a smaller version than yours, table about 4" x 5", and made from some scrap 1/2" thick 4x4 angle iron. But my fasteners are not nearly so "neat", just a captured bolt and long nut with a tommy bar...
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        I work on a LOT of bicycles, and pick up many for parts, always grab any usefull little part on them.

        Those clamps come in pretty handy, when I built the tumbler for the 9x20 I used one of those as the lock for it, works like a champ.
        Those things have a surprising amount of grip in them.

        Also, when my shift motor went out on my explorer transfer case, I used a shifter from a bicycle to keep it going long enough to find another one, then picked up a manual t-case and got rid of the whole electronic headache anyway.



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          Neat idea. I wonder if they have them at Wal-Mart.
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            Don't know about Wallyworld, but a quick check on EvilBay at shows 147 of them at $2.99 each. Nope, I have no connection with the seller. <VBG> I'm going to check the local bike shop this weekend to see what his price is, but I would be surprised if he can beat the online price.

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