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    YOD, nice sig update.

    EGO partum , proinde EGO sum


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      Originally posted by jkilroy
      Mr. Stevenson, er Sir Sudspumpwater, that pic is even more impressive considering that you built that system to your own design correct? Could it be assumed you made all of those holders? Do you just run stock off in long lengths and then cut to size for the holders?
      Originally posted by YOD
      Don't egg him on. He'll start getting delusions of inadequacy
      Too right.

      Yes it's my own design and was built before the advent of these import holders.
      Mine is arse about face in that the holder has the open dovetail.
      I purposely did it like this as the closed dovetail can only be done with a dovetail cutter but the open one can be done in a long length with a 60 degree horizontal milling cutter doing one pass and then turn over and take another pass.

      I normally mill a 18" to 24" long piece of bar down on the big old horizontal mill, it will remove this in one pass then as you worked out, they are cut off as needed.

      I have three machines all with the same size toolpost and they can all share these holders.
      I don't regret doing these as it's paid back many times but if faced with the same challenge today I'd buy the type shown in the pictures above.

      I also make my own tools for a lot of applications.

      This is actually a spin off from a paying job.
      One of my customers sends boring and facing machines out on hire to the oil fields and rigs.
      They go out with 5 different type tools and tips depending on the job, always supplied new.
      When they come back the tools are always missing and it pissed him that even though they were chargeable 4 of them would have been unused and probably £70 a pop so I offered to do him some cheaper versions.
      So once the program was written for the CNC it was no great shakes to get about 12 of each tagged onto the order and hardened and blacked at the same time.


      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.