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Ad for straight edges, worth the money? Netherlands.

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  • Ad for straight edges, worth the money? Netherlands.

    It is difficult to guess the lenght but i think they are at least 2 ft long.
    6 of them in one go for 200 euro. I think there is a God afterall.
    Condition is most inportant, hmmm...
    It does mean sitting a whole day in a car

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    Straight edges? The link appears to take you to an ad for cutter heads perhaps for some sort of quick change tooling system??

    Paul Carpenter
    Mapleton, IL


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      It says "20 Gereedschaphouders voor cnc-Draaibank,Nieuw", which my
      distinctly non-technical dutch renders as:

      '20 tool holders for cnc lathe, new.'

      - Bart
      Bart Smaalders


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        Barts is correct, wrong ad. Oops.
        Somehow it does not link directly.
        It only works via, look at other items of this seller, (bekijk alle advertenties van adverteerder). Main page of seller.

        2e chance

        Sorry for all this trouble, probably do not have time to go there


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          straight edges would have, imo, limited value. at least where I've used them you you need reference flats not edges to check or scrape something. the two on the left and right hold some promise (seem to present surfaces as opposed edges) but I'd want a lot more detailed explanation as to their pedigree before sitting in the care for a day. take a surface plate with you....if they don't blue out they're just nice pieces of cast iron


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            Do not know what to use the narrow edges for either, exept for checking an engine head after a blown gasket or cutting carpet.
            Going to see if i can get the 2 you mentioned at the fraction of the total price.
            He has got a nice grinder for sale as well. So if they are freshly ground its a nono.
            It has to wait for at least a week because of more important things than hobby.