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  • Drill Press...considering buying

    Hi Everyone,

    I asked a while back about a good drill press. You folks suggested I stay away from the cheap imports, and wait till a good older machine came along. So I have been looking.

    Came across this earler today:

    "Old floor model Delta drill press. works well. Keyless chuck doesn't tighten, should be replaced"

    I am a hobbist, motorcycle building, and I own/work on a small race car. So it is a tool I would like around.

    What do you think? Would this be a good machine for metal work?


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    Should be fine but only for small drills. The bottom speed on these is too fast for a 1/2" drill in mild steel. If you are going to drill anything up to 3/4" you need one with a countershaft. Peter
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      My two cents (valuation disputable).

      It may be an OK machine.

      I personally would prefer:

      a table that has a crank adjustment, not a "loosen and lift" setup.

      a "foot" that had a flat for placing tall items for drilling

      Also, check the quill movement..

      If you can get it, hold out for 6" of quill movement. Makes a huge difference with larger and longer drills. Can't tell what that has, could be 4 or 5 which is acceptable also.

      See if the machine will accept and drive larger drills. It's good to be able to swing a 3/4" or even 1" drill, if you can get it.

      All that said, the machine may be good, and if there isn't too much slop, it might be fine for you.

      I wouldn't turn it down unless it is obviously not going to work for you or it has bad mechanical problems, or a stupid price. it's likely much better than no DP, and should be much cheaper than an inferior import or Sears DP of similar size.

      I don't agree about the countershaft..... I have an Atlas 18" (same as clausing 1800) which will go to 1" + in cast iron and nearly that (15/16") in steel. No countershaft, just 1 HP and a big step pulley setup.

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        I dont know about your area of the country, but around here tooling is just about non existant... there might be an older craftsman DP crop up occasionally---maybe, ---then, what kind of condition is it in?

        I needed/wanted a DP, so I figured with Harbor Frts liberal return policy, I'd try one of the better looking floor models and if it was crappy I'd just return it. So. I waited til it was on sale (most always is) at $200 (half price) and brought it home----Doggone, if I 'm not pretty impressed with the thing!--- Its tight, smooth, real nice fit & finish.... I got no complaint for $200.

        I AM a HSM, and it hasnt seen any extended use, but still ....

        I pretty quickly put a DC treadmill motor on it to gain the variable speed, with the added benefit of the slow speeds attainable with that, --- and, the high speeds also! Its gonna struggle with the larger bits, say over 1/2",---- but, I got a mill.....
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