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Endmill Storage? and tool gloat...

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  • Endmill Storage? and tool gloat...

    This weekends haul:

    245 endmills .020 to 2"
    12 dovetail cutters
    14 counterbores
    5 corner rounders
    17 T-type cutoff bars cobalt
    Chinese boring bar set and expanding arbor set
    Whole bunch of screw machine drills.
    61-80 huot drill set NIB.
    Misc reamers (MT2 roughing, repairmans, etc.)

    All HSS, 80+ pounds total, All brand new made in USA.

    My kinda-managers fathers neighbors husband died and had a small shop. He was a machinist at Tektronix. Wife wanted this stuff out of here and my kinda-manager remembered I had a mill. Went sat to look at the stuff. Offered $300 and he said it was too much and countered $250.

    Think I now have enough end mills to last me a lifetime.

    The thing is with this stash I now have well over 300 endmills. How do you keep these things sorted???

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    Bugger, luck of the Irish, nice haul.


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      The perfect solution would be a Vidmar style cabinet. Hout makes end mill cabinets as well. Any of the Dumore style wall cabinets, the ones with the multiple drawers though they may not take the weight you get the idea. brouse through MSC Travers or McMaster-Carr's on line catalogs for ideas that if you can not afford to buy, may give you an idea on what scavengable finds could be adapted.

      Here is a big hint. Since they are still in their tubes, try to keep them that way as it will both help to protect the cutting edges as well as help to quickly identify them. As the print wears from use, re-mark them. I always tried to grab tubes from the trash at past jobs where we usually kept them in the tool holders until they went for re-sharpening, then they were in wax.


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        Well that was a crap deal if you didn't get all the tooling cabinets with them and the mill.

        Sheesh and some people think they have got a bargain


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          Good onya!!

          Great find - great buy.

          I'm sure its gone to a good home.

          It sure makes ya wunda wotz gunna 'appen to your/our lot wen ya/we go don' it?


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            Boy you gotta be in hog heaven as they say

            Can't help you with the storage problem. Most folks I know with that much new tooling usually have a staff to help them take care of it. Have you considered hiring some help? LOL

            BTW, this is why I've said before that if you have an interest in something and word gets around, usually "stuff" will gravitate in your direction but you have to let people know that you're into it. I say that because I worked with some folks who are so private in nature that I didn't even know they were married much less what their hobbies were.
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              You do know most of that stuff walked out of Tektronix, or rode out in lunch boxes or pockets.
              I would be ashamed to even look at that haul, let alone use them.


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                Yeah, I am sure some of it was obtained by less than honest means. Ill let you know if I have problems sleeping at night!

                Actually some of it may have been collected on the up and up. The Tektronix surplus store in it heyday used to be like the Boeing store with all sorts of tooling and the like. But it hasnt been that way for 20+ years now. Especially now that they dont make printers. From what one machinist that used to work for them told me is they made almost every piece of hardware in house for their scopes. They had screw machines running all the time.

                Ill have to see if I can track any of those Huot drawers down. I wish I had room for some Lista/Vidmar cabinets but my garage is getting so full now I have to step outside to change my mind!


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                  Macona, I have a set of the Huot's that I pieced together on eBay for about half price. They are frequently on sale too. They won't hold your haul though. They're handy to organize stuff so you can grab it right now, but capacity is limited.

                  If it 'twere me, I would be on the lookout for rolling tool cabinet sales. One of the nice square ones with a single column of drawers will do fine, and they're way cheaper than the Listo/Vidmar stuff (although not as nice). Decide on a means of segregating your tooling among the drawers, pop a set of Huots on top for "quick grab", and then just replenish the Huots from the drawers below as needed.

                  I've got bunches of cutters I got off eBay by watching carefully. End mills, carbide drills, shell mills, slitting/slotting saws, silver & deming drills, yada, yada. Fills up a cabinet fast.

                  Congrats on yer haul matey! Aaarrrrrrrrrrr!


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                    You lucky devil.
                    Be careful with something like "they will last me a lifetime"
                    Yesterday your second need...a nice filing cabinet came my way out of the trash.


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                      Wow! Nice score - that is seriously awsome!!!

                      Keep an eye on ebay or craigslist - sometimes various parts bins/file cabinets go on sale for cheap. I've been eyeballing one over in the Nuke Engineering building for a while now ... its old but in good shape and the 36 drawers are the perfect size for endmills and bits of tooling. I need to keep an eye out for that on ebay...


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                        I'll give you 5 bucks if you deliver and set them up otherwise just keep them.Alistair
                        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                          Dude, you seriously suck.



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                            Clutch, We don't Say "Dude" here it is an adult site.


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                              Originally posted by IOWOLF
                              Clutch, We don't Say "Dude" here it is an adult site.
                              Nah, that's not the reason, adults say "Dude" these days. But it is a grouchy old machinist site.


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