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  • Intro an a few questions....

    Hello everyone! I am relatively new to machining but read everything I can get my hands on and am excited to try new things. I'm in the Dallas area but my shop is in Keller. I have a Lathemaster 9x30 lathe and a Zay square column mill.
    I caught the bug after inheiriting my Dad's tools. He was a general machinist for several years. I never was really interested in the trade until I started holding those tools. The ability to measure 1/1000th of an inch is probably where it all started for me.
    I have been looking for plans for a machinist level. It seems to me that if the base is flat and square, it should be a simple thing to construct. With a good base, the level portion on an adjustable stage is all that is left. Any ideas?
    Also, where do you guys in Dallas get your material? I have been getting A36 from Liberty Metals, but that machines like oatmeal. I have recently discovered Metal Mart and Metals 4U, but I'd like to know if their prices can be beat in the area. They are awfully proud of their inventory!


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    Welcome to the site Android!

    I just get most of my steel from the local steelyard. For aluminum I go to Trident, but it can be had for much better prices from the recyclers. There is one local to me, but Garland Recyclers has yielded me much good stock in the past. I get drill rod and such from Enco, and anything unusual I normally order out from one of the online companies