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  • Ring roller questions

    Hey all,

    I recently started thinking about making a simple ring roller, and had a couple of questions.

    I saw the recent article, but also saw a few online that seemed to be of simpler construction.

    Not knowing much about them, I wondered if it matters which wheel(s) actually do the driving.....I've seen it both ways, and seen a lot of the bottle-jack underneath types.

    Do all the wheels need to be the same diameter?...if so, what's an average diameter range for a HSM?

    I've seen some designs that include the ability to change the stance (distance between) of the two lower this a helpful feature to design in?

    I don't know much about them really, but some of the simpler ones I've seen appear to be easy enough to make with my limited abilities and funding.

    Any sites with exlpanations or construction info would be more than appreciated and very helpful.

    Hope everyone had a great day,


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    John, give us some idea of scale and you might draw more answers. What do you plan on bending and to what diameters? What I've learned from my simple $49.00 Harbor Freight ring roller is that once you get a ring rolled, you just keep tightening up the adjuster and run it through again until you get the diameter you want. (not necessary to make the wheels distance adjustable). Mine has two wheels that drive. I would think that you would want both wheels driving on the input side of the roller. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to feed past the first driven wheel. My little roller will handle 1/8" flat stock to about 1" wide which is just fine for my needs.
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      I'm in about the same place as you are with regard to ring rollers. Well, actually a little behind you--I'm moving, and my shop isn't set up yet. I researched ring rollers, and found this write-up a while back. If/when I get around to it, this is probably the one I'll make.



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        The one I built only has the top roller as a driver. I've run into a couple times the first part of a bend would slip but after it starts to curl it goes well. I've used the crap out of this... bent 1/4"X4" 6061 T-6, solid 3/4" round bar, 1/4"X3" mild steel flat bar etc.
        BTW.. I can move the bottom rollers out or in depending on the thickness of material I want to bend. The heavier stuff needs the rollers on the outer holes to start it sometimes.
        I did all the plate work by hand with grinders, files etc. Was before i had a mill. Turned all the round stock on the ol' SB9. Rollers are 3" and 2 1/2" dia if I remember.

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          Here's a bit different kind of ring roller. Generally used for material on the lighter side. Shown is 1/8" rod, it will do 1/4". I expect it could be scaled up for heavier material.

          A urethane lower roll and a plain steel upper roll in a bead rolling machine.

          A nice feature is there are no flats on the ends.


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            Here's another one:

            For just a little more, you can do it yourself!


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              Thanks a lot for all the replies, some helpful ideas here.

              Y.O.D., I looked at the HF one and some from shop outfitters (I think) and some others online and figured I'd probably want one that would roll maybe like 3/8 round or square....and maybe around 3/16x1"....seems like that's around the size I might be likely to work with.

              The photos really help, thanks for posting them.

              I found a simple looking (to me anyway) design....hopefully the link will work, if not I'll try to have my wife work it out for me.


              The rollers in the photo seem to be fact they look like plastic covered casters....but I'd imagine the design itself would work if suitable rollers were used.

              Who knows....maybe the HF unit would be the ticket for me.

              Keep it coming, thanks in advance!