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  • Adapter for impact wrench

    Hi Guys: I have an impact wrench with a 1/2 inch drive male for sockets. I would like to put a drill chuck on the male drive, but I am having trouble finding an adapter. All I seem to find are straight or taper by 1/2x20. The 1/x20 part is fine; just need a 1/2 inch female socket on the other end. I can make one if I have too, but I thought that an adapter should be simple and cheap to purchase.
    Did not find one at MSC, but I may not know how to search their web site.
    Your help would be appreciated.
    John Burchett
    in Byng OK
    John Burchett
    in Byng OK

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    MCMASTER CARR has them............i have one and they work good


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      Hmm. That's a kind of rare conversion so there may not be a commercial adapter readily available.

      Square or hex stock that would fit a 1/2 drive 12 point socket could be turned and threaded for the 1/2-20 drill chuck mount. You'd have wrench-to-socket-to-adapter-to-chuck which would make it longer by the length of the socket. Or, thread round stock for the 1/2-20 then square it up to fit a socket.

      The alternative, forming the female square drive is rather more of a challenge, but you could drill a hole slightly larger than 1/2" then notch four corners with a square lathe toolbit using the mill quill as a shaper.


      <edit> Whoa, Lou's way out ahead of me.
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        dunno if mac has adapter............i got the whole chuck from them...with 1/2 drive


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          from mac online

          Keyless Impact Wrench Chucks

          Transform standard impact wrenches into efficient drilling tools. These chucks mount directly onto the square-drive spindle of your impact wrench.

          Inch mm Mount Each

          3/32- 3/8 2.5-10 3/8" Square 3167A12 $59.92

          1/8- 1/2 3-13 1/2" Square 3167A11 75.72


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            Sears carries keyless impact chucks that have the 1/2" square drive recess on the back side. They run about $30 if memory serves me. They are in the current power tools catalog. I have one and it works very well, although some times it is a bit hard to get the bit out of the chuck after drilling in concrete. The chuck really does tighten down and hang on to the bit. Too bad they don't offer a keyed type as well.
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              Take a 1/2'' extension and thread or taper it to fit your chuck.You should be able to pick up one in a pawn shop cheap.


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                They are available, and work pretty good.
                I used a couple of them, then found one for an extremely nice price then put it in the toolbox and pretty much haven't touched it in 6 years. Mostly because I stopped doing the type of work I was in.

                Work pretty good on an air ratchet for a quick right angle drill too.



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                  Thanks for the info. I just forget about McMaster-Carr for some reason. Did not think of Sears either. I knew I could count on this group if there was a tool out there.
                  Thanks again.
                  John Burchett
                  in Byng OK
                  John Burchett
                  in Byng OK