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Atlas 6" lathe

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  • Atlas 6" lathe

    To help someone out this side of the pond can anyone tell me the DP of the change wheels on the little 6" Atlas lathe, it's a MK2 if that matters.

    Also anyong got a metric thredaing chart for one as the guy is looking for a 21 tooth gear but that doesn't sound right.

    I know Myfords use two 21's in their train but I thought they were unique in this and other machines used something like a 38 / 45 ratio [ or such] .

    I remember a post from Evan ages ago for his SB to cut metric and he related to something like this ratio.


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    I have an Atlas 6", Mk2. THe DP for the change gears is 24. Sorry, I can't help you with metric threading.
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      Is this what he's looking for?

      He may also be interested int the Yahoo Atlas Group at

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