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  • OT Cable help needed

    I know there is someone here that can help. I have Comcast for my cable. We recently went all HD with our electronics so we needed digital cable. We added it and were given 2 free premium packages for a year. After checking it out I noticed we were supposed to get 8 local HD channels. 3 of the eight would not work. We got a message saying Will be available shortly and never works. We have maybe 8-9 premium channels for each of the 2 specials packs and 3-4 of the 8 HBO channels do not work. Almost the same for Starz. The HBO and Starz on demand all work fine. All the channels we get have good quality (HD I mean) and the non HD well we have a 62 in DLP TV which works great with HD stuff but not too well with lower resolution stuff.
    Bottom line the quality is fine.

    I have swapped out 2 boxes (no difference) and now they tell me my cable wire that feeds the box has to be bad. WHAT! if it works fine for all the other channels how does it decide that these 15 or so channels it is going to block.

    My view is there is 2 things that control what channels will be available on my screen, Comcast central computer and the converter box.

    AM I wrong? If so what do you guys feel it could be? They want to charge me to come out and fix THEIR problem.
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    If possible, hook up directly to the line where it enters the house and see if it works, if it does, then the problem's in the house wiring. If the problem remains, it is in their lines

    Odds are, if only certain channels are affected, it's a filter inline at the pole, or junction/feeder box on their side.



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      I can say that I get internet via a cable modem and cable on the same cable from the cable company. I could get TV but no internet when I had the cable modem connected to an old RG59 cable (I think that's what it is) that was running around the house.

      The shiny new RG-6 that the cable company ran from their demarc point to the other side of the house works fine for both TV and internet. Kendall's right that checking as close to the demarc point as possible is a good idea. It's more likely to be a glitch in their gear than yours but I have seen this case where some things are affected by a bad cable but not others.




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        Originally posted by cybor462
        AM I wrong? If so what do you guys feel it could be? They want to charge me to come out and fix THEIR problem.
        HD will only be as good as the incomming cable. Being you have upgraded I would just plan on getting the cheapest part of the whole thing replaced and thats that peice of wire.

        Call the tech to come out and look, I have been lucky and had some cool techs do free work and dont waste my time like talking to the jackass on the phone.


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          Lets get technical for a minute. First I am not a tech so I am guessing here. We built my home in 1999. I had the builder (electrician) run cable wires through the house. It was standard at that time. I too have cable with internet. The internet works fine along with 90% of the cable channels.

          My point is I get channel 370 STarz but 371- 375 Starz does not work.

          The same on HBO 3-4 HBO channels do not work but the rest do. The channels that do work are crisp and clean. Now the tech part.

          The cable wire has one main purpose, to carry a signal. A defective cable can do one thing, cause a reduction in signal or resistance, correct?

          Most wire has a certain resistance but that is factored in. How can this lonely cable decide that channel 371-375 will be blocked but let 371 come thru. I am not talking a ghosty picture on 371-375 I am talking No picture it acts the same as channels that you do not pay for. You get a message on the screen saying this channel will be available shortly and it never is.

          The cable wire carries the signal in my case to the cable HD box. This box having been programmed from Comcast central computer is the gate keeper for the allowed channels. I already replaced this box twice with the same result.

          How can a wire cause this result. I say it can't. If I am wrong please correct me. If the wire was defective it would cause picture quality issues first. To be bad enough to not allow any picture certainly would effect the picture on the hundred other channels we get. It does not.

          I am stumped but I feel it is Comcast way of having the customer pay for their problems. Only my opinion.
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            It is possble for a wire installation to act as a filter.
            Most electronic filters are composed of resistors, inductors, and capacitors.

            Resistance is built into the line , pretty much can't get away from it.
            simple Inductors are just a loop of wire, and capacitance can be created at any connection under the right conditions

            Not too likely to target one channel, and the message you get makes me think that it's on the cable companies side.