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Peter out (aviation and some machining)

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  • Peter out (aviation and some machining)

    All this talk of planes made me think of Peter out --- Peter out is the name that my niece gave my plane, because she's my brothers kid and because she's a smart ass... then i got a Li-po battery pack and charger --- she kept yer yap shut after that.

    This is him --- I built him from the ground up except for the pre-fab wings and tail pieces, I got a carbon fiber arrow for his fusalage, all his leading edges are carbon reinforced, he's got packing tape over all his foam, I use his protected battery pack as a battering ram and his motor jettisons upon major impact --- peter has flown hundreds of flights now at roughly 15 minutes a flight...

    The ducted fan (EDF) 50 series does not come with a velocity ring -- so i had to build my own, its .028" thick and made from home depot drain pipe fitting, it took me 4 hours on the mill, it was insane (for me) to try and hold without destroying or getting it gobbled by the cutter -- it was also a $1.35 so there was a fair amount of stress involved.

    Without the ring the plane never would have gotten off the ground, im at altitude and the plane weighs 6 1/2 oz. -- it had only 3 1/2 oz of thrust with the high perf. little brushless motor, with the velocity ring it bumped the thrust up an entire oz. It was the diff. between not getting off the ground and climbing so high i would lose sight of him.

    He's been benched cuz he's got a demon in his receiver -- I'll take care of it in the spring I guess...

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    more pics

    Front view, pretty slippery...


    Wing stressers, after I got the elevator hooked up these wing wrinkles started to appear, I had already previously static stress tested the wings for well over 5 g's! Not bad for a foamie