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    I'm looking for comments from people who have or have paid close attention to the G0602 10" x 22" Bench Top Metal Lathe from Grizzly. I have only seen photos of it on the web. It "looks" nice but I'm concerned with what appears to be shim stock between the bed and the headstock. Should I worry about this if that is indeed what I am seeing in the photos?

    This lathe is the price range I am looking at for a lathe for hobby use. I currently have the 7X10 mini lathe and it's a tad bit too small.


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    Can't help you specifically, but try putting "G0602" into the Search feature, as I'm pretty sure that lathe has been discussed in the past and you may find some good information in the archives.
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      Thanks SGW. I've searched in all the machine forums I could find and Google as well of course and read everything. A number of people have them but they haven't commented on it much as they had just acquired it.

      It's a long way for me to drive to have a look at one. I'm in Ontario Canada.



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        Kevin, if you want to have a look at one, try some of the local tool outlets that stock King Canada tools.
        Here's a link to the same lathe, albeit a different color and price I'm sure.
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          Thanks very much Willy. I'll look for them.



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            I have a Grizzly G0602. I think it's great. Like you I had a 7X10 and thought it was a tad small so I bought this one. This is 10 times the machine that a 7X10 is. You will love it.
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