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  • Greetings!

    Hi to all. New to the board, tho have been following it for a long time, enjoying the wealth of information found here. Am on my third trip thru the archives.
    Will be 68 this spring, am trying to get tooled up again after divorce seperated me from much of my accumulations.
    I am no machinist, strictly self taught, used to play with guns etc, re-barreling, chambering, that sort of thing. Now is mostly whatever seems enjoyable. Getting familiar with my chinese replacement equipment. Just completed an MLA quick change tool post and holders. It works so guess I did something right.
    Live in NW Montana, so the shop keeps me occupied during the long winters.

    One question comes to mind, has anybody done business with out of Euclid, OH.? Noticed the ad on this sight.
    Some nice looking tools there.

    Larry Hollopeter

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    Welcome. What equipment are you using?


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      thank you, I have a griz 3103 mill, griz 12x36 belt drive lathe. No comparison to the 14"Reed&Prentice I had Prior.


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        Cheers Bones & welcome. You'll have to tell us about your latest projects, wants and desires (tool related that is).

        As for HGR, I hear the advert on the radio often. Been meaning to drive up there and look around. The old maintenance guy where I once worked brought some machines up there. He was happy with them.

        Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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          Welcome to HSM bones


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            Thanks, guys, for the welcome. Have recently aquired an Enco boring head and bars, as well as a PhaseII 8" RT.
            Recently ran into a deal on assorted end mills, 250 pcs for $200., which I considered a good deal, all new or nearly so. All american made. Managed to retain an assortment of mikes, di's, calipers etc. so am pretty good in that dept.
            Plan to aquire new toys as I can afford them, Would like a Kurt vice, got a Palmgren, but would have been better off spending a little more.
            Wish had seen HGR's add sooner, nice looking Monarch there for less than I paid for the Grizzly.