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    This is what happens when you retire and finally get to buy a lathe and milling machine for the home shop.
    Its a 1/2 scale 1919 Browning in .22 caliber build from a set of plans I got from CCS prints. Other than the barrel and receiver (Ruger 10-22) its all made from scratch. The tripod folds like the original.

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    Looks good, You did a fine job on that, I hope to be able to try something like that in the near future.

    How much time do have in the build?


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      That looks like fun, so fun it could be addictive.

      Shooting a .22 is a kick in the pants, I used to have family in lewiston Idaho who worked at CCI and we would get 1,000 round cartons for $8. we lived in the boonies and would shoot out the kitchen window in the mornings before we went to work on the farm.

      A Machine like that could eat up the rounds quick I bet..


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        Cecil Walker builds those darned things too. That's a nice looking one.

        I'd love to build one, and a Gatling too, but I worry they are likely banned in California where I live.

        Tatoo, you'd scare the neighbors if they thought they saw a .30 cal poking out the kitchen window in the mornings, LOL!


        Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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          Sweet. Is it belt fed? If so, what does the belt look like?

          I've been ordering metal bits and such to build a RGG gatling gun. Now if winter would just go away.

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            Be real careful with that or you could end up like Roland the Headless...!


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              I like it!
              Especially the bullet hole in the gun safe.
              You need to build a real one before the parts are all gone.
              I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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                Originally posted by clutch
                Sweet. Is it belt fed? If so, what does the belt look like?

                I've been ordering metal bits and such to build a RGG gatling gun. Now if winter would just go away.

                Clutch, these guns are built with a Ruger 10-22 as a donor gun. They are still semi automatic and use the original rotory magazine.
                Jonathan P.


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                  Fun build, huh Rolland?

                  As mentioned, Cecil Walker has these things, and his previous posts got me started on them .... and I've completed all 3 of CCS's plans. I also did the air cooled version first, then the water cooled, and last, the M-2/MaDeuce. I make no bones about my favorite ---- the MaDeuce!! I just think that it looks soooo good,--- and when guys stop by the shop and look at the 3 on the shelf, their attention invariably goes to it.

                  I'm now knee-deep in forum member here, BigBoy1's (Bill Cogger) plans for a German MG-42, also based on the Ruger 10/22.

                  Hope you'll go on and do the others.... especially the M-2

                  If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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                    I have seen Bill's work and it is very nice


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                      The 1917 watercooled version is in the works now, since I the plans are included for both. They are as much fun to build as shoot.


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                        That is nice work, I have given thought to the M2 but the tripod head is a bugger to fabicate. I will work on the watercooled version for now and consider the M2 at a later date. I did get the shipping crate done for the 1919 and am looking for a operaters manuel to include with the gun.
                        I am interested in the MG 42 are there plans available for it?


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                          I am not well up on gun's but these look like a lot of engineering skill has gone into them and the makers are to be congratulated for fine engineering workmanship well done.Alistair ps don't use them on old Al
                          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                            Good job Rolland! The transit case and ammo box make nice additions to the display too. And by the way...the 2nd tripod head is much easier than the first one. Go ahead and build the M2...make it a will not regret it, i will guarantee that!

                            Bob, get the plans, build the guns, and be grandfathered in, if the ban does occur.