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Warner Swasey Lathe and a static convertor

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  • Warner Swasey Lathe and a static convertor

    I have been running my Warner Swasey #3 off a static phase convertor, lately the lathe has been turning itself off with the spindle brake has been engauged. I just noticed this starting to happen more and more. I live in Missouri and the weather is very very cold, I thought this might be occuring due the amount of electricity being used to heat the garage up. Maybe to much of a draw to keep everything running, or is the convertor starting to fail. Your thoughts on this..

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    Sounds like a solenoid kicking out mike does that some time from vibration.
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      How big is your Converter?

      My W/S 3 is 7.5 hp IIRC.


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        Bear in mind, a static converter is really just a starting cap and relay, the motor is running off of single phase in reality. The brake solenoid may be connected inside the lathe to a different phase than the one being fed, in that case it would be getting fed from a "self generated" phase from the motor. Depending on many possible conditions, the voltage there may be marginal. Static converters run motors OK, but in machines that have single phase components like controls, lube or coolant pumps, etc. there can be problems. Sometimes just making sure the run voltage goes to the phase that runs the single phase components can solve the problem.



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          I'll have to check on what size the converter is on Sunday. The lathe is pretty close to the garage wall.. I've noticed people either love or hate these old lathes. I for one love turret lathes.
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            Not to change the direction of the topic but what type of oil are you guys running in your Warner Swasey's.


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              I'm using ISO 68 in my #3 M1200 W&S turret lathe. There is no electrical connection with the brake or clutches in this model. It is strictly mechanical.