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Naming your equipment (warning - graphic photo)

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  • Naming your equipment (warning - graphic photo)

    Evan's recent post of his mill and noticing how he named it reminded me of something I did long ago, I got high as a kite and named my vise, Its not just a little pet name, its stamped into it, I think I might be a hillbilly or at the very least have some "issue's" that I need to sort through,
    While Ev's Mill looks like the name belongs there and at first it made me feel more comfortable for what I did I soon realized that what I did looks grotesquely incongruent, and for the lack of better words was simply done in poor taste --- That being said, the reason for posting and taking a spanking is so that some other poor clumsy bastard wont make the same error,
    In my defense this was not in any way shape or form a pre-planned Idea, I simply wanted to do a "shop evaluation" I do them from time to time -- I try to get a different perspective through the use of recreational drugs, in this case an entire double sized bottle of cheap dago-red wine and a mind twisting doobie, I awoke the next morning in my own bed (thank god) but immediately knew that I had permanently altered something in my shop, after much Hiding and thinking with the covers pulled over my head I knew what I had done ---- I was immediately panicked with the thought of knowing what the name was and not knowing how to properly spell it, I went downstairs as fast as I could (very slowly) --- I breathed a huge sigh of relief at the site of my dictionary strewn underneath the workbench, This is the image that remains embedded in my beautiful little E-bay Kurt 5" --- for those with weak knee's and faint heart, stop now - dont look down and just close the page....

    I recall the thought pattern, it was something like this; Mussolini was one of the worst tyrants going, a terrible dictator who's word was the last, arent vises kinda like tyrants? Why yes --- yes they are (that was me answering myself) I mean we put parts in them and they kinda say to the parts "yer not going anywhere fella" It seemed absolute Genius at the time, but you know how that goes, then you wake up the next day --------- I call him the Moose now, sometimes my machinist friend asks me about a part I built and how I held it -- i just tell him I clamped it in the moose.... He smiles as if im insane or something ---------- God, If I could just go back in time.

    Edit; For all the safety freaks who are about to give me a whoopin, Not one motor was turned on in the shop that night (that im aware of) although my thumb hurt pretty bad the next day...
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    Besides looking and tasting like ATF I knew there was a good reason to keep clear of red wine.......

    True story.

    Some years ago this guy who did a lot of motor cycle sheet metal work came to me and asked me to do some slab fork yokes for one of his apprentice hells angel customers. We only have apprentice one here as they own Honda's

    Whilst talking to him he spotted a batch of edge bander cutter blocks that had the company's name on them.
    "Can you put the guys handle on these yokes ?"
    "Sure what does he want on them ?

    "I'll ring you the details"

    So a couple of days later, phone rings and said guy says he wants "Grizwald" on the yokes and no rush as he won't be released for a month or so.

    So did the pattern for the yokes with Grizwald in sunken text and sent to the foundry.
    Got them back, machined them and threw them on a rack.

    Guy comes to pick them up and looks at them, "Did I say Grizwald ? "
    "yup sure did why is it wrong ?
    Don't think so but not sure and this guy has it tattooed on his forehead"

    Paid, left and I never heard anymore or ever saw they guy again but I often have visions of a guy rinding a chopped Honda with Grizwald on the fork yokes and XXXXXXXX tattooed on his forehead to cover the mistake


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      John, its hard to imagine but things must be even stranger over the pond... your end of the pond


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        Heck, nothing wrong with that.
        1st bike, Suzie- suzkui
        Car, VW bus, name- Arlo
        2nd bike, BMW R90 - Gretchen
        3rd bike, BMW R100 RT -Gertruid
        4th bike, BMW R1100 RT - Helga
        Chian saw, Sthil 440 - bad ass
        And many others, but the worst of all

        1965 Index mill-- Milldred


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          Originally posted by John Stevenson
          So a couple of days later, phone rings and said guy says he wants "Grizwald" on the yokes and no rush as he won't be released for a month or so.
          Interestingly enough, I knew a Billy Grizwald who belonged to one of the local MC's(not the Hells Angels - they're up in Manhattan). his most visible tattoo wasn't on his forehead, it was a Tarantula on the side of his skull.

          EGO partum , proinde EGO sum


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            My big CNC is called Cecil

            After Cecil B De Mille

            Ok I'll get me coat ...................


            Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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              Funniest thing I've heard all day.. :-)

              Originally posted by John Stevenson
              My big CNC is called Cecil

              After Cecil B De Mille

              Ok I'll get me coat ...................



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                I name mechanical objects all the time.

                My 65 F250 is called Ol' Butter over that smooth runnin' FE motor.

                The "Evil Pinto" I used to run at the local dirt track was 1st known as the "Always Loose Pinto"!

                Had an old Dodge painter van that was UN-affectionately known as that F*ckin' Dodge cuz it broke down all the time.

                Back in the 70's I rode and raced a CR125 called Crazy Sue after this nymphomaniac I used to date? Is date the right word?

                The Grandson's "Chinese Modified" quad comes to mind.

                I could go on ......



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                  I had a computer once, that I named "Benny".

                  That was for "Benny Hill".

                  I named it that because both of them did funny things that I didn't find funny.

                  My wife's uncle Kenny was from Edinburgh. He would just roar laughing at Benny Hill. The rest of us just plain didn't get it.

                  Keep eye on ball.
                  Hashim Khan


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                    When I acquired the Bridgeport, the kids took one look at this massive, squat (at least w/ the head rotated into travel position) machine lurking in the corner of the garage and named it "the Cave Troll" after a large gray beast in the first Lord of the Rings film/book. It's stuck. The name, I mean, not the mill.

                    - Bart
                    Bart Smaalders


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                      Gunwriter Dean Grennell had names on his shop tools. His tablesaw was labeled "Euripedes"


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                        Benny Hill is hilarious.

                        Anyway, if I were to name my lathe, it would be Vina after a crash survivor from Star Trek.

                        They had no guide...

                        Thus named since I've never seen one, and I have no idea how to repair it


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                          All good names.
                          I once had a 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner named Feathers

                          I now have a 1964 Bridgeport mill that had a bad knee bearing which caused it to moan when the knee was used therefore the mill got the nickname "Moaning Myrtle". It is now fixed so the name now is just Myrtle .

                          The 1951 Leblond lathe is Blondie (I know, not very original )


                          Happily working on my second million Gave up on the first


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                            Before I came over the pond I had a Vincent named Suzy. ( We guys are a little nuts I guess ) The Herbert 9B 30 was the Gronk. go figure Peter
                            The difficult done right away. the impossible takes a little time.


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                              My lathe answers to the name of "Ah $h!T".
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                              Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

                              It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.