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Dressing a grinding stone

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  • Dressing a grinding stone

    I've got an 8 inch 1 hp grinder I bought a couple of years ago. It is a cheap grinder, and it doesn't have much power. I can live with that, as I'm not in a big hurry. However, the stones are out of balance and the grinder will vibrate like crazy until it gets up to full speed. At that point it is tolerable, but with the small power it has, as soon as I start using it, it slows down, and starts vibrating again... The bearings in the grinder are tight, no discernible play in them at all.

    My question is regarding dressing the stones. I've read a lot of posts where guys talk about dressing their stones to balance them. I know what a diamond wheel dresser looks like from pictures in catalogs. I don't understand how holding one of those against a running stone will balance it. If the stone is out of round, won't your hand held dresser just follow it around? I could understand how the dresser could true up a stone if it was held ridgid (similar to the set up of a tool bit in a lathe), but I can't see how a hand held one will amount to anything other than making a glazed over stone sharp again.

    What am I missing? Would someone be willing to help me understand how to true up the stones in my grinder? They don't seem to wobble, they are just out of round. Thanks in advance for any assistance rendered.

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    The diamond will cut the wheel round just like a lathe would cut a part. Like using a wood lathe and a hand held tool.

    If you dont have a diamond take an old wheel and break it and use a peice of that to true the wheel. (hold your breath or use a mask)

    That makes the wheel true, not necessarily balanced but it helps a whole bunch.
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      Youre right, --the diamond, or any kind of dresser, will want to follow the wheel, so the aim is to cobble up a means to track it across the face in as straight a line as possible ... think like a lathe bit is doing in a cut -- just anything to keep your hand/tool steady.

      Freehanding is OK when you want to clean up the face, -- expose fresh abrasives, but it is difficult to true the wheel freehanded....
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        Wheel Balancing

        Once the wheel runs true you may still need to balance it, see (near end of newsletter):



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          You can make an attachment to pass the diamond across the wheel or you can learn how to hold it in a manner that the diamond will cut the high spots and after several passes the wheel face will be flat. It takes some practice, I do it all the time.

          When a wheel face is out it's best to work it flat with a diamond dresser and then use a 1" square dressing stone. It you dress it with the dressing stone often you won't need the diamond dresser very often.
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            Thanks for all the input folks. I will get a diamond dresser, and a dressing stone. I just read the article from the Home Metal Shop Club on balancing a stone, and if dressing them doesn't help, I'll do as they recommend.

            I really do appreciate your input! Thanks!


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              If you have a diamond and hold it tight and use your fingers as a guide on the grinders tool rest you can machine a wheel just fine. there are thousands of us who hand dress grinding wheels and its not magic.

              How many guys use a slide or machine to dress a bench grinding wheel? 2%?

              my point is that dont be afraid to dress a wheel before it becomes way out of round like .250" that does happen in welding shops where folks dont know whats up.

              I have a diamond , maybe I will make some video lessons about this topic after this thread plays out. I can shoot video i just need more lighting.


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                I use an adjustable collar on the shank of the dresser,just a small shaft collar adjusted to ride on the front edge of the toolrest and take off a small amount of wheel.
                I just need one more tool,just one!


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                  Somehow I just knew you had a micrometer adjustment on your dressing stick.


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                    Again, Thank you all for your comments, especially about the micrometer adjustable dressing stick...


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                      Wheel Dressers...good vibrations

                      Corm...There are several other ways to dress a wheel. You can buy a carburundum wheel dressing stick. It looks like a really coarse hand stone and is used to true grinding points in hand grinders. MSC and others have them pretty inexpensively. There is also the old type dressing tool, which consists of a series of hardened star washers about 1" in diameter with flat washers between them. They have enough slack between them and the shaft that they "float around" and remove the high spots on the wheel and do a very nice job.

                      Another thing that I found with bench grinders is that the wheels that come on them are not only out of round, they wobble from side to side as well. I thought that it was just those "cheap Chinese wheels." I went out and bought two brand new USA made wheels and had the same problem. They had nice plastic bushings that fit the shaft and the wheel nicely but the wheels were still over 1/16" side to side. I will have to make a little jig from some angle to use my diamond dresser, from the surface grinder, to dress the sides true, I guess.

                      Good luck with your "good vibrations"
                      Jim (KB4IVH)

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                        Originally posted by tattoomike68
                        I have a diamond , maybe I will make some video lessons about this topic after this thread plays out. I can shoot video i just need more lighting.
                        I'd like to see it ....