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Steel Selecting Spindle Shafts

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  • Steel Selecting Spindle Shafts

    Need to order some steel from Speedymetals to make a couple of shafts. First is for a farm store drill press. Has some threads, two pressed on shielded bearings, splines, and a MT3 socket. About 1" X 12". The other is about the same size is a spindle for an old Dumore toolpost grinder. Two press on shielded bearings shoulders and threads both ends also 1" X 12". Want steel that is strong yet machinable with out heat treating. Which would serve me better A2, 1045, 1117 or 1215? A2 @ $14.00/ft over $4.75 for the others doesn't bother me if there is any advantage. Not building any rocket ships for NASA but don't want to skimp on material as much labor is involved.

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    1144 stressproof machines like a dream but is tough stuff. I like using it.


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      What Mike said: Speedy carries a Stressproof (1144) clone, which is partially hardened (less than 4140 Pre-Hard, for example), but machines very nicely.
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        I would use 4340 for the grinder spindle, extremely fatigue resistant for cantilever shafts. Make sure any changes in dia. are stress relieved. slow finished radius. A sharp internal corner may cause a stress fracture.
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          Go with 1045, it's more than adequate.


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            Another vote for 1144 -- it machines to a nice finish.
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              Gentlemen, thank you for your input. Keep hearing good things about the 1144 stressproof. Will give it a try. Would have tried 4340 too but they don't have it.