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  • Bandsaw madness

    I have a craftsman bandsaw(113.243310) with a 1/4"blade. Every time I try to cut fir and other soft woods(1/4" to 1 1/2"thick) the blade moves down to the rim of the wheel tires and then comes off. I have the blade tensioned to the 1/4" setting and the guide bearings and blocks seem inorder. The tires are clean and intact. Does anyone have any ideas how I can correct this problem and also a way of replacing the blade so I don't need bandaids(gloves are too bulky). Thanks Paul

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    When I have that problem I back off the top and bottom backup bearings and guide bearings and run the saw and center the blade on the wheels with the wheel angle adjuster.

    Then I carefully set the top and bottom back up bearings so it touches the back of the blade.

    Then I carefully set the side guides so they cleared by a couple thousands and if roller bearings I might let them touch the blade.

    Sometimes the blade may be distorted and when the blade starts cutting in that area it will walk off. It's best to try a new blade if the blade seems to move on the wheels.

    Bandsaws can be a real problem and a solution is not always easy.
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      Check the wheels with a straight edge across both and make sure they are in the same plane with each other.If one wheel is offset from the other it won't track right.
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        bandsaw madness

        Thanks for the responses and I will try your suggestions. Paul


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          There is a correct method for uncoiling a new blade, if thats what you were refering to with the last part of your post. Do a search and see if you can find a picture of it - much easier to see the pic than try to describe in words.

          Or you can always do the hill-billy way. Take the tape, wire, etc off of the blade while still holding it in the coil. Walk into family room with carpet, begin to uncoil and then throw violently away from body and towards soft carpet. Blade will quickly snap into posistion with no harm done to body or blade. Can not guarentee the safety of pets, carpet, furniture or related items. Wife may not be happy.