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How to make a bending die for a press?

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  • How to make a bending die for a press?

    How can I make a die to bend 1/8 x 1, or 1/8 x 1 1/2 into a clamp that resembles a 3/4 in. ID double screw conduit clamp?
    What would it look like and what would I need to make it from?
    I have a 12 ton press.

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    bending tools

    You can use a piece of 3/4" diameter cold roll steel & three pieces of wood (two X four as an example) with the pieces clamped with c-clamps and the middle board the width of the finished part!! Lay the piece to be formed in the center & line up CRS diameter in the center & push it to the depth required for your part.


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      Assuming you want to bend a "U" shape with 2 ears perpendicular to the "U" and you will do this in a press.

      !. figure your flat pattern= the sum of all the inside dimensions.

      2. cut one to length and mark center flip over and mark 90 deg bend locations. cut the rest if first one turns out ok.

      3. bend your 90 deg bends you now have square channell with "V" shape bottom and top die.

      4. for 3/8 radius bend use 3/4 round bart for your top die.

      5. for the bottom drill thru with 1" dia drill 1 to 1-1/2" thich flat bar or plate, cut a little off center and mill or grind 1" to wide with small radius on edges where material will slide into slot.

      You could also locate a short piece of 3/4 round and a 3/4 square 1/8 " apart on a piece of plate or welding table and scroll bend and flip for opposite side and cut to length when complete.


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        Try scrolling about halfway down the following page;