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semi OT: Axes, swords & knives

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  • semi OT: Axes, swords & knives

    This is really cool. I'm watching this episode of Modern Marvels on History channel and there's a swordmaker in New York who makes his own steel starting from iron ore and charcoal. The show is half over right now, but I'm sure you can find out when it's going to be repeated if you check the History Channel's website.

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    I believe I've seen that before ... pretty neat deal.


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      Axes, swords and knives

      Without seeing the programme, this topic has been flogged time after time recently.

      The classics are the Japanese and the Sword Makers of Shotley Bridge who emigrated or escaped from Solingen in Germany because of religious persecution.

      Basically, it is nothing more than knocking the impurities out of cast iron into wrought iron and then adding requisite carbon by heating and folding in what was the cementation process. Again, in West Cumberland, there are the remains of something called beehive ovens which formed wrought iron from the pigs.

      My father could do it all. He lived within a stone's throw of Shotley Bridge- and was a blacksmith. I still have the small axe which he made- somewhere which I used to dig out German incendiary bombs in the War. Oddly, if you do your metallurgy, the constituents of an incendiary make near pure iron.
      However, the Sword Makers of Shotley made swords of such quality that they could be wrapped in a gentleman's top hat to be doffed- when need arose.

      My father's plane irons were wrought iron- so they could be hammered into alignment but tipped with carbon steel for cutting. I bet all your plane irons are made this way- snigger.