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Immediate attention Shaper Buyers!

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  • Immediate attention Shaper Buyers!

    This is a shaper I would bid on right now but I just soaked all my spending money in a Bridgeport. It's an Atlas and there is just over an hour left and it is at $355 in Long Beach. Good luck.

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    Spiffy - too bad Long beach is a Looooong Drive for me.


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      Looks sort of rough, but well worth the price, especially if that is the belt guards peeking out of the bottom of the stand.


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        I will have a shaper for sale in the near future. It is a 7" Ammco with motor and vise. Will need cleaning, light surface rust on vise. Everything appears to work at this time, have plugged it in and run for about 30 seconds, everything sounds ok. Has belt guards also. Missing is the round cover on the side, replaced with aluminum. Also got a re bench mount shaper that is a little bigger with only clapper box and table, the drive pulley comes in at the back and bull gear is worm gear driven. Don't know what they are worth but am thinking of posting here b4 EBay.
        mark costello-Low speed steel


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          No vise, no motor, plenty of what looks like rust, but may be just oil goo.
          Those ARE the guards, (for what that's worth) and the trough for under the back of the ram that supports one of the guards.

          Small blame to the seller for not wanting to ship. Its heavy, and not made in such a way as to ship well without stout packing.

          Advise to winning buyer:
          Bad stand, check for cracks in base of shaper due to flexing, and don't use until re-inforcing the top plate against flexing. Make dead sure its flat, too.

          Price paid is too high. I bought one in better shape with a vise and all the extras including original Atlas motor, for $200 with a nicer stand.
          I does look like a nice scraping project.


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            Can I pick it up on my way back to NY from my sister's house in IN? Your profile says you're in Lancaster OH, I think my path leads close to there. How much? Send me an e-mail.