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Westec worth it?

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  • Westec worth it?

    It's a 400 mile round trip, and would only be for fun as I'm not looking for any new machinery. What might I expect besides the usual assortment of free decimal equivalent charts?

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    Pens,Perhaps a sheetmetal gage, Pens, a ruler or 2, pens, Biz cards, and pens.


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      I've been to Eastec a couple of times. It was worth the trip to see how the Big Boys do it, but for me it was about a 200-mile round trip, not a 400-mile round trip.

      The best freebie I got was a baseball cap. I also got a good deal from a guy selling "Last Word" indicators one year. A nifty sample of a waterjet cutout. Rulers. A nameplate with my name on it. If you want it, as much assorted catalogs and literature as you care to stagger home with. Nothing really great, if you're looking for spectacular giveaways.

      But it was a fun day.
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        re: WESTEC

        Thanks to everybody for stoppoing by the Slater booth so far for the 2009 WESTEC show. This is my first show for a while, and the turnout has been better than anticipated. We had several discussions with home-shop folks looking for lathe tools, and the broach holder has been a big hit so far.


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          Milltronics has a bunch of nice items to give away. Things like TV's, ipods and such if you are one of the lucky ones to win. I am never lucky, so just end up with the pens and typical trade show stuff.


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            Westec 2009

            RTP, you're right on the money about Milltronics. Some of the guys I went with didn't rest until they secured a Milltronics cap for themselves.