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Mini Lathe part 3

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  • Mini Lathe part 3

    I know, I'm getting to be a nuisance...

    Living north of the 49th there are a lot fewer companies to do business. Yes, can go to the net but given we know so little of mini lathes feel safer to deal where we can put our hands on it.

    Anyway... one company here offers what seems to be the equivalent of a Harbor Freight ( 7x12 mini. As advertised, it (Harbor Freight and Canadian cousin) has no provision to cut metric threads. On larger machines this is achieved by using a 127 tooth gear in the train. I imagine, given the space needed that this solution is a non-starter.

    Is there a method to allow metric thread cutting?

    Once again, thanks for all the assistance!

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    Depends on what constitutes close enough, see:

    For most home shop threading the regular gears supplied work adequately.

    There are also calculators specific to the 7x machines where you can specify the gears you have available and they calculate the closest possibilities.

    One detail on metric threading with the 7x: you leave the half nuts engaged and back up for each pass. The threading dial supplied only handles imperial.

    Princess Auto is one supplier of minilathes in Canada.

    Location: Newtown, CT USA


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      Threading on Mini-lathe

      Hello Dunc,
      Go to this web-site
      You will find a wealth of information. There are several programs on it inform you how to cut most threads desired. There is one program written by a Canadian that instructs in either French or English. You will have to scroll way down his page because the gear programs are near the bottom of his web page. You will find his web-page very interesting.


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        Thanks very much

        Varmint Al's site has lots of info and a few gems.
        Great to know that metric threads are possible.