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Windows 98 SE wanted please.

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  • Windows 98 SE wanted please.

    Looking for a copy of Windows 98'SE can anyone help please ?
    Our original disk is corrupted but we still have the update disk to SE.

    No good asking Microsoft as it's no longer supported and it's wanted for a CNC saw as it used 98 as it's operating system.

    All my local contacts have dumped their copies.


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    might be able download a copy from thepiratebay or other bittorrent sites.

    Should be able to use Win 2K on the same machine. Not much more processor load. More stable too.


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      I should still have a copy john i'll take a look tommorow easy enough to drop in the post.


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        John...I have a copy of win98SE upgrade from win95 disk if that would work for you. If so PM me with your addy and I will mail it to you.
        Ernie (VE7ERN)

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          Good Luck. I've been looking for a copy for a while.

          It's what I use on all of my systems when doing CAM work.

          I also need a copy of XP. I lost my CD for my legal copy, and then the HD crapped.

          I wish that when you bought it, you could download it.


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            Snowman, Just download it. As long as you have the Certificate of Authenticity then you are golden. Thats the real license.


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              last time i had torrent software on a machine, it died shortly after...i've got buddies that do it all, so i prefer to ask them to do my downloading


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                I have the Full Version CD you can borrow -- drop me a PM.

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                  If you have the upgrade to 98 SE then you have all you need. You don't need to have the previous version installed at all. Format the drive and proceed as usual with the install. At one point it will ask you to present proof that you own a qualifying previous version of Windows by placing it in the CD or floppy disk drive. You can almost certainly use the corrupted disk for this as the first few sectors are unlikely to be unreadable, but if not any previous version of 95 or even 3.11 will do.
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                    If nothing else works, there's a computer shop I frequent that had several copies of w98se at $5 a pop OEM disk last time I was there.

                    picked one up, and seriously thought of buying one for each of the books I have.

                    These are just the disk themselves, no docs or ser no. so if you have your original numbers it'd be a very good deal.

                    seems to be old stock they decided to sell instead of trashing.



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                      John, have you tried one of those disk re-surfacers on your CD? I've had pretty good luck with them.


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                        You can recover even badly scratched CDs and DVDs using Meguiar's Plastic Polish for acrylic. Works like magic. One bottle is less than ten dollars and will repair several 1000 CDs. Found in the automotive section.
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                          PM me a postal address & I'll get one in the post to you, your PM box is full,
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                            All John needs is any previous copy of Windows 98 or 95 and I think even 3.11 qualifies too. The 98SE upgrade disk is actually a full standalone install disk and only needs proof of ownership of a previous qualifying version of Windows.
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                              Can't you edit the ini file in 98 like you can with 2k so it doesn't ask for the number or any other info?
                              Seem to recall a trick to use that you could skip the requirement for a previous install or disk.