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  • OT - extension cord reel

    Is there a way to rewind an extension cord reel? Mine has decided it didn't want to eat the last 10' or so any more and I'd like to save it if possible. Thanks.

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    Had a few of them, all ended up being re-wound a couple times.

    On one, I could simply open the case far enough to pull out the guide, then wrap the cord around the spool till I had taken up the slack plus an extra turn for tension. reinstall the guide (one peice on that one so it stayed on the cord)
    and install the screws.

    The other one I needed to completely open it up and wind the cord directly on the spool to take up the slack, then rewind the spring.

    I realy like the cord reels had a couple that were simple extention cords, and a couple that were drop lights, the drop lights gave me the most trouble though.

    If you open them up completely, hit the tracks and contacts with some contact cleaner and pull out any crud you see.



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      Here's the one I have (an Appleton Reelite). On this one, the side arms are held to the top plate by setscrews. If you remove the setscrews, you can lower the whole drum, and simply rotate it to add or subtract tension on the spring. The drum has a little tab on top that engages in the top plate to keep it from turning when it's together.



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        thanks guys - gonna tear into it today. It'll either go back up on the ceiling today or in the junk pile.....


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          cord reel went back up on the ceiling today. Thanks for the help guys. nothing to it once I got started.