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Canadians Where Do You Buy Your Stuff Part 2

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  • Canadians Where Do You Buy Your Stuff Part 2

    I read with great interest the thread about where to buy machinist tools in canada. sorry but this may be a little long. One of my relitives has bought himself a pretty fair sized T.O.S. lathe and Bridgeport milling machine, He`s a lot short of money for tooling, So i thought i would help him out.Anyway i started to do some comparision shopping for a Criterion boring head as our canuk buck is roughly on par with the u.s. dollar. dollar for dollar may be equal but for a lot of items canadians are getting skirrrewed sideways. Canadian KBC #1-573-1300 $834.82 U.S.KBC #1-573-1300 $596.30 Both items are for a Criterion r-8 shank boring head set. THERE IS NO DUTY ON MACHINE TOOLS OR ACCESORIES INTO CANADA. Over the last 15 yrs. i have spent in excess of 15,000 $ at KBC canadian division, And being as stupid as i am bought at KBC canada because it was convenient, NOT ANYMORE!!! So now im pissed off, what to do, I know, I gots me one of them new fangled computer thingys, i'll just send an e-mail off to the CEO of KBC canada about price difference. Well i'll be damed if monday a.m. the CEO herself calls me at home. I have to say one thing, at least she didn't get somebody else farther down the food chain to deal with me.
    Answer no. 1, It cost's more money to do run a company in canada.
    Me, what $238.52 more?
    Answer no.2 Well our mississauga warehouse is expensive to run.
    Me, I live in b.c. but because of my job i've been in your mississauga warehouse many times, I also would guess your U.S. warehouse is expensive too.
    Answer no.3 Well it costs more to ship to canada.
    Me, well guess what,I used to be in the shipping business, and we are talking about an item that weighs less than 20 lbs.
    Answer no.4 Well kbc canada is no longer going to sell criterion boring heads
    me,????????????? WHATEVER! Guess we can't come up with a logical reason for the huge price differnce, Thanks for the call, goodbye

    O.K. now we come to the one that still warms up my glutious maximus, House of tools, Langley b.c. FRV 33-9526-550 Canadian $ 1499.00 this is a Seig c-6 lathe
    FRV-30-020 Canadian $999.99 this is a mini mill
    For those who care please check Grizzly's prices, Grizzly is one hr. from langley b.c.

    I did not write all of the above just to wine and complain, or to try and affect anyone's business, Will i buy from KBC again, of course. I've checked items at KBC that were cheaper in canada than in the states.

    Will i buy from House of tools again. WHEN YOU NEED A FUR COAT IN HELL!!!
    House of tools has lied to me, i've had to wait almost a year for items. They do not support spare parts for machine tools, And made promises they did not deliver on.


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    I was looking to by a book on 3D cad drafting, Amazon US -$54.00 Amazon Canada-$104.00 for the same book and this was when the Canadian dollar was at $1.10 US. There is no amount of tax, storage, shipping or business cost that justifies a 100% markup. I'd send them a nasty e-mail to but they don't appear to have a public e-mail address. I think these companies just got use to screwing us and can't quite.
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      canadians are getting skirrrewed sideways. Canadian KBC #1-573-1300 $834.82 U.S.KBC #1-573-1300 $596.30 Both items are for a Criterion r-8 shank boring head set
      Over time I've comparison shopped and notice the big disparity you're talking about. I think its a short live phenomena and change in pricing will lag US dollars fall until inventory works it way through. Those disparities didn't use to be there and i think are already shrinking - economically speaking, price parity principal, they have to disappear over time. I did the same check a few months ago and saw huge difference in calipers that doesn't seem to be there now.

      the point is a good one though, shop around - I wonder how kbc would respond if you called them on it?


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        Yup,inventory lag,the boring head you buy today might have been made several years ago and bought in when the exchange rate wasn't so good.

        That's probably part of it,but not the majority I suspect.The real culprit may just be the lack of competition.Just how many competitors are there in Canada compared to here in the States?If KBC Canada was having to compete against MSC,Enco,McMaster,Penntool etc fo your business you can bet their pricing would be more inline.
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          Mcgyver: they did respond, the ceo called me


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            Looks like theres room for a good business to setup here and be fair and still make an honest canuck buck, I can't believe that it's so much more expensive to operate here. Theres lots of leverage and funny goings on will all sorts of US businesses right now, especially border proximity, not allowed to sell new to canucks or else.......freetrade my arse, I've seen glimpses of these powerplays and controls before.......tow the line or we pull our product.

            I will be happy to volunteer to sit in on McGyvers Hooters interviews, can you say'll do fine.........
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              hardtail, you want a spot on board or just director of human resources?



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                It is not just machine tool related. Vehicles, Quads, postal rates, gunpowder, booze, ... Bombardier or Can am now (again) offers a 5 year warranty in the US, and a 2 year in Canada. And they are made in Canada!( well Quebec)


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                  The board position might isolate the company from any improprities that might occur.............gasp........LOL
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                  Opportunity knocks once, temptation leans on the doorbell.....


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                    Yes it sucks to be in Canada.

                    I pay 45% income tax, and everything I buy locally I have to pay 14% sales tax.

                    As for House of Tools, they are one of most disorganized retailer I've dealt with. I've ordered many times and essentially they just sit on the order. I have to call them and nag them before they'll find the item from one their stores and ship it to me. I have stopped dealing with them.

                    It's amazing how much apathy exists in Canadian businesses. Many times when I want to buy something I have to keep reminding them that I'm the customer and that they should value my business.

                    I guess it's all part of being a socialized welfare state.

                    [rant off]
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                      Well, I find that there is no "be all end all" tool store. But I happen to have a multitude of various connections for reasonably priced tools that are absolutely top notch.

                      What are you looking for? I bet you I have a good source!



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                        GONEBUGGY, I now deal with MSC, PENN TOOLS,ENCO, etc. and i will deal with kbc if their prices match u.s. prices. If you have better companys to deal with in canada i would be very interested


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                          I deal with over a dozen different ones. What are you looking for specifically right now?

                          Have you tried SB Simpson? McMaster Carr?

                          Tell me a piece in particular, and I bet I'll have a source..



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                            Gonebuggy: Im not looking for anything right now as i've blown my tool alowance for a couple of months, i was just curious if you had any better suppliers than I do


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                              Mcmaster Carr will not ship to Canada anymore.