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  • Mr. Moderator - come the dawn please give Mr. OldTiffie the honorarium of final poster in this largely regretable thread. Given his boundless optimism it seems far more than appropriate this thread should be sent off on a good note inspired by the good gentleman.


    • Hmmm, nuther long drawn out thread... Cool.. Not really cause theres no productive "Projects" going on here.. LOL Sorry, just had to throw that in..

      Hey, is there a vote to ban IOWolf??? Ok!!! Im in, vote his a$$ out!!!! LOL Just kidding, we dont do that here, are you kidding.

      Nope, not a contest going on here and thats what a vote is all about. No contestants, just members..

      I dont gain anything from IO's posts, but I cant throw rocks either cause I dont impart any useful knowledge either. So, Im just as useless as you IOWolf. We are two useless individuals here in this community of great folks.

      Oh, the diff may be is I dont hold it all tight and personal to the point of posting four thousand, three line replies to try and gain acceptance. I have other means for that, family gets the brunt of my uselessness and they seem to accept it, for now LOL

      I dont bring it public like you do. Not a prob. Some kids were like that. They kept on with their antics and everyone around them saw it but just felt sorry for them. They grew out of that phase, most of them.. Some carry it on to adulthood.. And we still look on and and think, they are special, so we include them in the group cause we are mature enough to do so..

      So IOWolf, you are special, and feel free to inch on into the group, we see you there, dont always notice you but sure as heck wont tell you to leave cause we are not that bad group that told you to get lost and eat sh!T.. You know, them A$$holes in school that told you to beat it.

      Nice to be part of the civil group, I think, excuse me, can I wedge myself in here please Make some room!!! Dang!! JR


      • This will help:

        Here's to ya:


        • The Last Word?

          Pax vobiscum


          • Perhaps

            Originally posted by Peter Neill
            Pax vobiscum
            "pax vobiscum" = "peace [be] with you" - perhaps

            "Si vis pacem, para bellum" - more likely!!
            "in time of peace , prepare for war"
            Last edited by oldtiffie; 04-14-2008, 05:10 AM.


            • Tripe and (more?) offal

              Thanks again Dennis.

              The last thing we need here - due to its abundance - is more "tripe" and "offal".

              The soup menudo is a traditional Mexican dish; a frequently spicy soup made with tripe. It is often thought of as a cure for a hangover, and is traditionally served on special occasions or with family.

              In pre-revolutionary Mexico, poverty among the campesinos was chronic, and little if anything that might be prepared as food was left to waste. Usually, the best cuts of meat would go to the hacienda owners while the offal went to the peasants. These leftovers consisted of organ meats, brains, head, tails, hooves, etc. As cattle and sheep are ruminants that require lengthy intestinal tracts to digest their diet of grasses and raw seeds, the stomach is one of the largest pieces of offal available from these animals.
              Read on.


              • Yep my money is on Tiffie, He has Shown many times he deserves it , Among other things .

                And how does He get by with being the first member here?

                Thank you Tiffie, Thank you Tiffie, Thank you Tiffie, Thank you Tiffie, Thank you Tiffie.


                • One last thing from me on this topic....

                  I want to thank George for letting this post go the distance, everyone who posted has shown there true colors, Both good and bad.

                  Most of you know where I stand on everything, and usually don't back down on much, and Never am I ashamed of posting an Opinion.

                  Well, bye for now.


                  • Blaze away!!!


                    We've done just about everything else.

                    So let's both go out in fine style and give some something that they might like to do.

                    Perhaps in a blaze of glory!!

                    "Blaze Away":

                    Definition, Synonyms, Translations of blaze away by The Free Dictionary

                    Let's hear it!!!

                    Here's the music:
                    Raymond and his famous Banjo Band. Blaze Away!

                    Here's the lyrics:

                    Now - all together now.




                    Blaze away!!

                    Curtain Close.