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    OK I have looked every place I can think of and come up with nothing.
    I have a 6" 4 jaw Buck chuck and 6" 3 jaw centering Cushman chuck that has fixed hard jaws. I would like to put soft jaws on them. I can find soft jaws all over the place but can not find the jaws that go in the chuck to mount the soft jaws to. What are thy called and where can I get them?

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    I think you are out of luck, every chuck I have ever owned or been around has either a two piece jaw or solid jaws like you have. I don't think you are going to find two piece jaws to fit your chucks , and I don't think I've ever seen a two piece jaw for a four jaw chuck. There are other members here that earn a living in real machine shops that could prove me wrong though, but then cost might make it a moot point .


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      You might be able to purchase replacement master jaws directly from Buck or Cushman. Master jaws may or may not be available for your chucks depending on style and age. You will not find an aftermarket source for them.

      If they are available, it is a pretty safe bet that it will be cheaper to find a good used chuck with master jaws or a new Bison with same.
      Jim H.


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        Thank you for the information in the replies. I will have to try and make some and let you Know how it works.