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    Big Ticket?
    I was hoping for some clues on how to convince SWMBO that I NEED a $20k plus used CNC machining center...
    I can sneak a little thing like a grinder in easy.

    I find the most used tools in my shop after the actual machine tools are the 12" disc/ 6x48" belt sander, mine is 2hp and has alumina zirconia paper on both, which are just voracious on metal, but still leaves a nice finish, and my tig welder.
    These two tools seem to end up getting used on almost every project I do at some point or other.

    I wish I lived in the auction belt of PA.
    Out here, we get maybe one auction a month, and prices are insane.
    I would love a nice 1hp variable speed industrial drill press, for example- but they go here for almost what a new one goes for, and a new Clausing is $3000.

    A drill press is one of the other absolute most used tools, especially if it has the power to do the job, and is rigid enough, with a good vise.