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  • Ebay funny

    Can anyone tell me why this has reached £750!! surely theres a '0' that doesnt belong there?


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    Yes very strange for some rusty iron,
    but the bidding went from £150 straight to £740.
    How is that possible!!

    I have tools I don't know how to use!!


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      It's nice to know that the Brits shill too:

      Bidder 2

      30-Day Summary
      Total bids: 9
      Items bid on: 3
      Bid activity (%) with this seller: 100%
      Bids to unique sellers: 1
      Bids in unique categories: 3
      Bid retractions: 1
      Bid retractions (6 months): 1

      Bid retraction and cancellation history

      Bidder Action / Explanation Date of Bid and Retraction
      Bidder 2 Retracted: £1,000.00
      Explanation:Entered wrong amount Bid:13-Apr-08 21:05:46 BST
      Retracted: 13-Apr-08 21:07:45 BST
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        It sold for 750, and it looks to me that it doesn't even have a table.


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          A rather fetching shadeof green though.


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            the buyers a noob by the look of things . He must've made a mistake surely , poor guy I hope he can talk his way out of it.A year or two ago acouple put a bid on a sports car when it came to paying up they swore it was their three year old kid who had done it.The news team said he was a child prodigy.I say that his parents were liars. Alistair
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