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Is your wife always P/O'd at you??

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  • Is your wife always P/O'd at you??

    Is your wife always P/O’d at you for spending so much time in the shop making tools for your tools, building sterling engines, or CNC’ing your mill? Doing GUY stuff? (insert Tim Taylor grunt here) Well dig in that scrap bin and make her something pretty. I dug out some aluminum off cuts and some 2 inch copper plumbing pipe and made her an oil candle

    The reservoir was a piece of 3 ½ x 4” AL round with the top part bored out to 3 inches and 1 ¼ deep. The bottom was turned down to slide into the 2” copper pipe and bored out to 1 ¾” with a 2” x 1/8” deep step in the throat for the center wick holder to sit in.
    The base of the wick holder was turned down leaving a 2” base to sit in the seat in the throat of the reservoir then drilled and tapped ¼ x 20 to hold the actual wick holder that was made out of a piece of ½ inch mild steel threaded and center drilled at 1/8 to hold the wick

    The base of the wick holder was then drilled out to ½ inch leaving just enough of the threads for the wick holder to screw into then put into the chuck on the rotab to drill the 4 holes to let the oil drain down into the lower part of the reservoir.

    The two black collars were made out of some 2 ½ AL round that I grooved on the mill with a ¼ ball end mill using the vertical rotab. ( I had to make a base mount in order to use the tailstock off my lathe for this but that’s a whole other story) It was then bored out to slide over the copper pipe. The base of the lamp was turned and bored ½ deep for the pipe to fit into. Everything was put together using interference fits and the deepfreeze/toaster oven trick. Some polishing and some fancy red oil and its done.

    I also made a couple more using the same idea out of some brass off cuts

    Ernie (VE7ERN)

    May the wind be always at your back

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    Why those are downright pretty!!
    I don't suppose you'd want to make my wife some...?
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      Nice Work!

      Beautiful work Ernie!
      But nope, I'm not a gonna do it! IF I start making her stuff like that, after 32 years of being me, she's gonna git suspicious and start wondering what I have been up to out there in the shop, or wondering if I have been out buying more tools, muscle cars, guns, etc. Could ruin a perfectly good marriage and a great shop!
      Hmm, the really deep down suspicious part of my evil mind just kicked in guys. You don't suppose that's Ernie's REAL intention by showing us this fine work, do ya? I mean, he gets us to suddenly change habits, doing nice things for the wives, they get suspicious, and the next thing you know, Ol Ernie is adding to his own shop by buying our stuff at the dee-vorce sale!
      Does anybody here know if Ernie really even has a wife??!!
      Naw, he couldn't be that rotten. My brother could, but not Ernie!

      Again, some beautiful work there Ernie, thanks for the ideas, the great pictures and descriptions.
      NRA Life Member


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        Neat! I hope it works.

        After over 40 years of marriage, my wife is somewhat accoustomed to my work habits. Unfortunately, they are often too frequent and too long. God bless her for understanding. I do try to honor her wishes for some personal time.
        Paul A.
        SE Texas

        Make it fit.
        You can't win and there IS a penalty for trying!


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          The Knight in armor

          I've not solved that sort of problem - just adapted or got used to it.

          She says I now have 2 sheds/shops - one where the tools/machines are and the other where the computer is.

          If I stayed out with the tools etc. she got pee-ed off after a while and when I came in I got under her feet (it worked!!) - back to the tools!!!

          She can't complain as I am buying her a new axe, shovel and builders wheel-barrow for Mother's Day - she wore the old ones out.

          Me help??? Puh-leeeeze? If you don't mind - think of my sensitivity in these matters!!!

          I bought her a ripper drill for Christmas but she wouldn't use it, and being as big-hearted as I am - at great inconvenience to myself and with considerable generosity - I took it off her hands and put it to good use.

          Problem solved!!

          I am here to help!!

          Two items came in this week - one by email and the other in the local paper. I thought I'd pass them on.

          The Funeral Stone

          Sam died. His will provided $30,000 for an elaborate funeral.

          As the last guests departed the affair, his wife Sarah turned to her oldest and dearest friend. "Well, I'm sure Sam would be pleased," she said.

          "I'm sure you're right," replied Jody, who lowered her voice and leaned in close. "How much did this really cost?"

          "All of it?," said Sarah. "Thirty thousand".

          Jody exclaimed: "I mean, it was very nice, but $30,000?"

          Sarah answered, "The funeral was $6,500. I donated $500 to the church. The whisky, wine and snacks were another $500. The rest went for the Memorial Stone."

          Jody computed quickly. "$22,500 for a Memorial Stone? My God, how big is it?"

          "Two and a half carats."

          Gotta love that gal!!!!
          And being my wife's "Knight in Shining Armor" (no the armor was correct and armour applies equally well), and being accustomed to living life to the full and dangerously and knowing how she feels and that she may have written this article, I forward it for your edification:

          From the local paper:


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            Good thing I'm not married,if I were I would have to make candles and holders an all sorts purdy things I don't like

            Seriously though nice job!
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Very nice looking lamps..............
              But it looks like you got soot and oil residue on the carpet and she is going to be pissed off at you after all............


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                Dockrat, thats one nice classy looking candle --- I will keep it in mind if ever I have that prob.

                It also could prove to be safer than hot wax just because the wicking action might make the candle oil run at a lower temp than a standard wax candle, I had a low profile square candle in a square glass that I used to have on the top shelf of my headboard of my old bed --- used to fire it up when I had a babe over --- one time in the wildest of moments the thing comes crashing down on the girls forehead and face, very serious - hot wax all over her face and in her hair and everything, thank god she was yelling out "oh God" with her eyes closed at the time, thats where things could have gotten serious.
                My bro's got my old bed and once in awhile I'll see it at his house and I have to laugh when I see how I remedied the situation, Its still has four little velcro pads glued to the top of the shelf...
                It was long ago but I think I only seen her one more time and that was that...


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                  How did you get the two black aluminum collars black? did you have them anodized?


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                    Originally posted by A.K. Boomer
                    How did you get the two black aluminum collars black? did you have them anodized?
                    Sorry...should have mentioned that....masking tape and black gloss enamel spray paint
                    Ernie (VE7ERN)

                    May the wind be always at your back


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                      Those are just beautiful !!



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                        Originally posted by Ken_Shea
                        Those are just beautiful !!

                        I will say amen to that.

                        Nice work - very.

                        Nicer thought.


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                          Last week I told my wife I was going to be out of town Friday afternoon thru Saturday night. She said, "what for?". I told her I was going to Toledo to meet some gal that I met in an internet chatroom. She said, "Uh,huh, and would the name of this person be Bill C? and would you two just happen to be going to that machining thing?"

                          Rats, busted again. Sometimes these women just get to know you too well.


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                            That is some very nice work on the lamps, indeed! Hopefully that will go a long way towards warming your lady's heart. In fact a few more such items and I suspect you might merit a Small Bridgeport Mill and a restored Monarch 10EE.

                            My only question is this: If a man works alone in his home shop late at night, is he still wrong?

                            Whenever guns are outlawed, only machinists will have guns.


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                              Originally posted by gnm109
                              My only question is this: If a man works alone in his home shop late at night, is he still wrong?

                              You have to ask?????
                              Ernie (VE7ERN)

                              May the wind be always at your back