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New belts for a old lathe

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  • New belts for a old lathe

    Hi Guys

    I have been going through the 1941 Sidney lathe, and have found the belts that are on my machine should be replaced soon. After taking off the covers, I found all-4 belts to be very loose,and after removing a few more covers, I found that Im at the end of the ajustment.

    The clutch housing does have a belt # B-85 , and was wondering if the old PN would still be available?

    I had a look at the belts on the machine, and the # thats on them is a
    B-90 Goodyear. These belts work, but are a little longer than they should be. Maybe streched over time.

    these belts are 5/8 wide , but have no Idea if I can still get replacements.
    I was wondering if I should just go for the link type belts instead of trying to get a original type rubber belt? I have the link belts in my 12x37 import lathe, and they seem to do the job, but ever since I put them on that lathe, they seem to slip under heavy cuts. Maybe its all in my head, I dunno.

    What would you guys do here? I want to replace all the belts soon, and want to do this once. Would you try to get rubber replacements? or go to the link style because they are easy to get?

    Thanks guys

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    I just had a look at the belt on my mill. It uses a 5L which is close to a B section although I understand that the cross section is different. Both are 5/8". Nowadays the belts have a 3 digit code for the length eg 5L365 - would be 36.5".

    I wonder if the belts made in the 1940's were measured in straight inches. Maybe you could check if the circumference on the outside is around 90". Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on belts could weigh in.

    I have a 1/2" link belt on the motor pulley of my lathe and I'm not aware that it slips.



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      Hi Paul

      I just did a quick Google search for "v belt" and the B85 is readily available there is also a cross to a 5L880 belt. The B85 belt is $7.26 from a random web site, unfortunately they have a $35.00 minimum. I don't know what the difference is between the B profile and the 5L profile. Any well stocked belt and bearing store should have the belt in stock or be able to get it in short time. I would just go with the specified original, probably cheaper and will work well.

      Good Luck,
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