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HF band saw blade welders

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  • HF band saw blade welders

    just to give you guys an update. I posted here awhile ago about HF band saw blade welders welding a 1/2 bimetallic blade and some here voiced, obvioulsy their errored opinions, their opinions that they dont work/wont do the 1/2 bimetalic. So I didnt get one. Well after much thouht a felt that it would work because thats what they advertise. So........ I bought one. Well they DO infact work great with 1/2 bi-metal.

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    That agrees with my experience. I bought one recently, and have welded about 6 blades so far, two were used bi-metal ones that had broken. It seemed to work well, I haven't tried them yet tho.

    My 4X6 is about 30 years old, has worked well. My buddies is less than a year old, its a red HF one and works well.

    BTW, I have modified my 4X6 bandsaw so the movable wheel has more movement than it started with, so I can cut the blade a bit longer and cut it a few times down to a shorter than normal so I can weld blades many times to get most use out of them.


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      Steve, Awsome idea withthe blade length. How much more does it move in the slot?


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        Please explain how cutting a blade shorter gets more use out of it.

        I buy prewelded blades, usually from MSC, and they work until the teeth fall off. I think out of the last 50 or so blades, one has broken at the weld before it was completely used up anyway.

        When the teeth start to go, they go in big clumps- we run a blade until its thump thump thumping with a third of its teeth gone.

        Other than that, I have never had factory blades wear, break, or anything else- they just cut until they wont cut no more.


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          When the blade breaks, you can re-weld if the teeth are still good. However, you lose a little bit of length in the operation. Increasing the travel of the wheel axle(s) lets you re-weld more times before you eventually have to toss a blade for being too short -- not the lack of teeth.

          From my experience, most breaks happen with manual feed (vertical usage) or some horrid alignment. Many older vertical metal bandsaws included blade welder/grinder/cutters.


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            I've got a HF blade welder it works so much better than the ones that came on the Grob bandsaws at work its kinda nice to be able to stick a blade thru a hole and weld it up and saw worked great on the split hub flywheels for my little ball hopper monitor eng.