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  • Finally made some chips

    Well I went out the other day to start the forklift. Naturally it needed a tuneup real bad. It was kind of chilly out so I came inside and checked on the local craigslist for the fun of it, wasting time so I wouldn't go back out. Well I found a new set of forklift forks pretty cheep. The ones I have are not stock and bent real bad. So I emailed the gent that has them. He is about 150 miles away , in Washington. He said I could not reserve a set till I could come up, but he was heading down my way anyhow and so he delivered them for free. The mount on the top was a little narrower than on my old beater, so I milled my hanger racks to fit the new forks. Here are a couple of pics, hope they are not to dark. Jay

    Here is the site so you can make them larger. Sorry still learning my new photosite.
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    Very nice machine! Gawd I love it.. those big ol' buggers that you can load a piece that big one.
    What taper does that have?
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      Thats a very interesting head layout on that mill.


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        Actually the machine is not that big. It is a Fray All Angle miller and very handy, once you get used to all the extra tramming that is needed. It is about 2/3 of the size of a bridgeport so it doesn't take up to much room. It has an NMTB 30 taper which is nice.

        A.K. Boomer,
        Yes as stated above to torker, it does require another X / Y set of tramming but for the smaller foot print of the machine, it gives me 22" of travel on my X axis also. The cross bar for the forklift I am working on is 1.5" X 6" 42", so on it does require me to set up twice to get the full length but you would need to do that on just about any home shop machine. There are a couple of other pics showing the head better and what I am doing, if you follow my link above, I think. I could not get the small ones to post this morning?

        Thanks for the reply's, it is nice to get out in the shop again. Got to repair the forklift to move the Gray Planer inside. Hooray !
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        "Just build it and be done"


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          well done tiptop nice mill too and you are clearly a man that knows a good deal when one comes up best wishes Alistair
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            Thanks, Alistair, It's not the best mill, but it's tight and only cost $3oo bucks.
            "Just build it and be done"


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              I also love the idea of that mill.. So do can tram the head over including the table to get extra reach?? Very handy, specially with the small foot print of the entire machine. That looks to be a very versitil HSM machine.. Will fit in any garage....

              Handles on both sides of the head tram, I like. Is the screw for the head tram as accurate and sensitive as the table screw, so you could use either?

              And the large hand wheel to the left of the head. Is that for tippin the head back, they made it very useful, like they put the option of tipping the head there for a reason and made it easy to use. Also like the large knee hand wheel...

              I want it!!!!!

              And she looks pretty clean to, not all hammered out over the years.. Pardon my ignorance but who makes it??? JR
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                Yes you can tram the head and table in both the X and Y axis for extra reach. Yes the handles on the top X and Y are as accurate as the bottom or table X and Y. I do not use the top for feed because of the overhung weight I feel it would cause excessive wear on the dovetails and gibs. I generally adjust the top for the job and lock it. The handwheel to the left of the head is for the top Y axis adjustment. It was made by a company called Fray, they are no longer in business.

                Here is a link to Tony's write up about it.


                Here is a link to my pictureswhere there are more, if you are interested.


                Most of the people I have chatted with that have had them did not like them, because of the extra time to do set ups and keeping the top x/y trammed with the table x/y along with the head being able to tilt in any direction. I have gotten use to it and it is not a bother for me as time is not an issue. Thanks for your interest. Jay
                "Just build it and be done"