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Rockwell 13" Lathe - $5,000 - is this a fair price?

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  • Rockwell 13" Lathe - $5,000 - is this a fair price?

    This Rockwell 13" lathe is advertised locally for $5,000. Photos of the lathe seem to show a well maintained machine, though I've not seen it. $5,000 seems to me like too high a price, but what do you'all think?

    Description as advertised:

    Rockwell 13" metal lathe. 48" bed. 220v. 1-3/8" diameter headstock opening. Variable speed belt drive to geared head. Items included in the sale are:

    Steady Rest
    1) 6-jaw self-centering chuck, 9", with extra reversible jaw set & chuck wrench (threaded install)
    1) 8" Independent 4-jaw chuck
    2) Face plates, 8" & 13"
    4-tool combo tool turret holder
    1/2" Drill Chuck
    1) Dead Center
    1) Live Center
    Various left, right, and cut-off tool holders
    1" Boring Tool and Holder
    2) Lathe Dogs
    Tool bits
    Brown & Sharpe Universal Dial Indicator Set, English (#740)
    Dumore Tool Post Grinder, 1/5 hp
    J.H. William Knurling Tool
    Operator’s Manual
    1 qt. Delta Rockwell Medium Gray Machine Enamel (#49-333)

    This is NOT configured to cut metric threads. It can be regeared to do so if you find gears elsewhere.
    Bob J

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    First off, it would be a 14", not a 13". They made only 10", 11", and 14" models.

    The tool post grinder, in good shape, brings (around here) $300-500. But it's also a warning beacon since it could have caused accelerated wear, particularly in the cross slide.

    The lathe, in good shape, would bring MAYBE 2500-3000. Many in decent-usable to "good" go for less than $2000.

    IMO, for that to be even a reasonable deal worth considering, it would need to be near show room new condition AND have the hard to find "extras" (taper attach, steady rest, and follow rest). Assuming that the other tooling is in "good" condition, that would figure in, but not nearly enough to make me look twice...

    That said, only you can figure out if it is "worth" that much to you.
    Master Floor Sweeper


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      Oh, and it sounds (not in the description) to be missing the 5C stuff. Also not listed is the MT spindle adapter bushing. Though both may be there.

      Spindle bore is ~1.375, and spindle mount will be L00. Tailstock is MT3.

      Also just noticed it lists a 6 jaw. Those tend to be pretty spendy, but again, not enough to justify the price in my book.
      Master Floor Sweeper


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        Agreed, 14", Mine cost me $100.

        But Hey if You think it's a good deal, go for it.


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          There have been several 14" Rockwells listed on ebay recently from 900-3500. Five grand is way out unless it is in perfect condition with most/all the options. They are very nice machines though.


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            Seems pricey to me. KBC Tools is listing a brand new 13x40 Jet with goodies for $4425.00.
            Ernie (VE7ERN)

            May the wind be always at your back


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              Yeah. $5000 is too much unless the machine is in absolutely mint condidtion and the tool post grinder (shudder!) has never - ever- been used. You you absolutely positively have to have a Rickwell lathe - I can understand obsession.

              OTH for $5000 you can buy a new pretty good import 14: lathe from Jet or Grizzly and it will be brand new under warranty with a parts warehouse ready to supply you with anything you might need should you break something. Also it will have metric and English built in. You might ever talke your way into fitting a DRO in the $5000 if you bargain carefully.

              The tool post grinder? If you've ever used one and gone through the hassle of thoroughly protecting the machine against abrasive and dust you'll think twice about ever using it again.
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                They may be asking a premium due to location - how many lathes are in your area?

                If it were mint, I'd go up to $2500 and not a penny more but different horses for different riders...


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                  All good comments, thanks - confirming my feelings about the high price. Regarding Asian tools - call me "old school"... or just old - I won't have Chinese / Tiawanese tools in the shop. Exception is a few Japanese Mic's (and I think my cold cutoff saw). Old feelings die hard - and, I'm a firm "Buy American" guy, where possible (and finding American products is a growing challenge).

                  I suspect the guy that's selling the lathe isn't in a hurry, I've seen advertised from time to time for the past 6 months. Since I'm in a very rural area of Montana, there isn't much demand or supply for this kind machinery. So, I suppose he feels he can demand a premium price.

                  I think I'll contact the guy and see if he is negotiable. But since I already have a SB9, and suffer from too little talent, I'm not sure why I'm looking for another lathe. But, I guess it's a genetic thing, never can have too many tools.
                  Bob J


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                    That is all well and good it you have the money to back it up.

                    But I must say there are a lot of good oriental, or at least better than some rust buckets that are out there.


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                      he's asking a premium, but that goes w/ the territory. It's kinda the boonies out here as far as machine tools go. I'm not all that far from Belgrade (Stevenville). Most of what I've seen has been "well used" and the rest just abused.

                      There's also an 18 x 80 clausing lathe- $9500. It's just a bit too big for my current space...


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                        Given that replacement parts will be hard to (read that expensive) find, I would quickly forget it.
                        If you have that much to spend there are a lot better lathes for the money available, especially new ones.
                        grumpy old fart


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                          lathe price


                          I think that's a bit high.

                          I had my Machine World 13 x 40 gap on fleabay this week for $995, buy it now at $1200.

                          Mine looks exactly like the earlier Jets, and many later msc/enco/Grizzly machines.

                          It went quick, but it really wouldn't do what the seller wanted, so I still have it.

                          Wife thinks I'm crazy for recommending he get a heavier machine.

                          Mine had everything but the dreaded tool post grinder.

                          Guess I'll relist it next week for $5000 .