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Dee blaster sand blaster w/vacuum

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  • Dee blaster sand blaster w/vacuum

    My take on it.. I think the air velocity is not high enough, it has plenty of compressor pushing it, but a small 311 type quick connector on the air hose. I think it is choking right there. I added in the train car shaker (a magnafluxing project stalled out) on the lil blue CF compressor.

    Kinda slow as is.. Like I said thou I think it is choked out. A very neat ordeal that does not require a hood and canvas dress, gloves to blast with. Probably not much better than a spot blaster, but a lot neater and safer.

    Pushing it with a "eatoncompressor", V4 7 1/2hp compressor running on valve bypass *constant run..

    Someone else's take on it.
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    Them are neat,lots cleaner than open air blasting,I hate blasting in the summer,nothing like being soaking wet with sweat AND covered with sand.

    If I'm seeing right that one is gravity feed right?You can improve the feed on a gravity pot by putting a baffle in the bottom of the pot a few inches above the outlet.Just a piece of sheetmetal (16ga maybe thicker)with some 1" holes punched in it.

    The way it works is the baffle supports the weight of the sand and meters the feed which keeps it from packing in the cone and choking.

    Works good on a blast cabinet too.
    I just need one more tool,just one!