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Automatic Switch for Dust Collection

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  • Automatic Switch for Dust Collection

    Between cutting some sheet aluminum for a project and needing straight edges and having to trim down about a dozen new doors for the house, I finally broke down and bought a Festool guided circular saw. Pricey but seems to be well made, and they guaranteed that it would comfortably cut 1/4" sheet aluminum or I could bring it back. They had a vacuum that went with it that would automatically turn on with the saw and I remember having a plug strip box that did the same thing years ago. This thing would let you plug your saw into one outlet that would cause the other one to turn on when you drew any power on the first one (basically it turns on the vacuum when you started the saw so you did not have to listen to it all of the time). It eventually burned out but that would really come in handy now. Anyone know what it is called or where to get one here in the states?

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    Here you go:

    I have a couple of these that have been working for maybe 10 years without any problems. They even hold the vacuum on for a few seconds after the saw shuts off to better clear the dust.
    Location: North Central Texas


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      Exactly what I am looking for. Never even thought about Sears. Thanks for the info.


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        Very cool, Not just for table saw dust --- very handy tool for using when milling things like cast iron and fiber glass, just duct tape the vacuum nossle close to the cutter and off you go --- im going to have to get one.